Friday, February 1, 2013

Paula you're a genius!

I'm not going to lie Ive been at my wits end with this whole blog thing and not being able to upload pictures like I usually do, I take pictures all the time on my cell phone that really aren't worth uploading into a snapfish album obviously but I think they are totally worth sharing and I haven't been able to upload them because this damn thing wont work. Well Paula told me that she was having the same problem and that by downloading Google Chrome it solved the problem.. and TADA.. WORKS!! THANK YOU!

So besides me not sleeping in days there are quite a few other things going on, we've been trying to get out as much as possible to see and do everything we can before we leave, and although I am sure I sent the pictures from last Sunday's driving here is a picture I can now share that I had to take on my cell phone because the camera died right when I really needed it!

Amazing isn't it? Go figure before we rounded the corner the camera died.. wouldn't even turn on. I have an extra battery that we just pulled out for Hawaii, I'm going to have to start carrying it all the time!

This week has been really busy so far actually, we finally got all of our immigration stuff taken care of and sent in so now we wait. Everything will be sent to the USCIS on Monday or Tuesday and then hopefully immediately I will get my extension and Ideally I will have to go for biometrics in Maine in the next 4-6 weeks and we could take care of my license and that all at once.

Jason had to go back to the doctors yesterday because after he got his stitches out on Monday I was putting cream on it and noticed that there was still black string in his back.. good ol' American health care for you. I thought there was potential for it to come out on his own as your body should naturally reject and foreign objects and it was pretty superficial but Jason wasn't having it! So he went back yesterday and had that taken care of which is great and didn't hurt half as much as I had expected.

Still waiting on Jason's glasses, hoping they come in soon as he really needs them.. his driving is getting worse and with the strange crap weather we've been having I don't think an eye issue is wise.

Well they finally hired someone at work to do my job and they hired a new maintenance guy. The new maintenance is a little punk truth be told... the first time we met he kept making fun of the way I talk and Canada.. Great first impression dick. Now yesterday he seemed to be on his best behavior and was working away and keeping his mouth shut which at this point until he says something nice is preferable! That place is a joke as is I really cant deal with him on top of it all... if he makes fun of the way I talk again he is going to be shocked as to what can come out of my mouth!

The new girls seems nice, I have only met her once for about 2 minutes but Ive heard good things. They have decided to move her, her husband and her two kids into one of the apartments here and I assume because she has kids they gave her a TERRIBLE unit when we really had a million better ones to choose from. I went in yesterday to do a walk thru before we gave her the keys and I couldn't believe it. The carpets in every room had black traffic marks, big red stains, bleach stains.. it was unreal! The counter tops are extremely discolored, the grout in the bathrooms is disgusting and completely discolored, the list goes on and on. Chipped appliances, etc. Anyways the cleaners also did a shit job and naturally Clayton did and yet when she gets her keys she had already seen it and said it was great!! Weird.

So this morning is the beginning of the month so I have a ton of things to do and then Deanna calls my cell phone last night and asks me to do a move out this morning that Tom was suppose to do because he will be working with the new girl.. of course it doesn't at all make sense for him to teach her to do a move out because she will never have to do one of those. Its fine, I have all the time in the world to do everyone elses job.

Last night we went to dinner at Glacier Brewhouse with a bunch of the guys Jason works with. We have been wanting to go there for a long time, Mel and I went in the summer for lunch and it was amazing and I really thought Jason would love it but we haven't made it until last night. Anyways Chris and Samantha are heading back to NYC today and they got engaged last week so it was kind of a goodbye/congratulations dinner! I had the herb crusted Alaskan halibut with garlic mashed potatoes, and a spinach with roasted tomato side, all with a balsamic reduction.. INCREDIBLE! After dinner Jason and I were going to share a piece of peanut butter pie.. well we were sharing it until the first bite than Jason totally took over the plate.. he just kept saying "I Hope this never ends.. I really hope this never ends." haha it was amazing!

Well I better head to the spare bedroom to work out for a bit and then get ready for work. We are heading to the gym tonight, light dinner. I have to work tomorrow but Jason no longer works weekend... while he's still here... I will keep you posted on that.

Oh.. well let me tell you about this too before I head out. Jason wrote me an email yesterday and told me that he already got my Valentines gift but I cant have it on Valentines Day itself so he said he would tell me about it if I wanted to.. what kind of question is that.. I need to know everything! Since we got here Ive wanted to go dog sledding and Jason really didn't.. so he booked up a dog sledding trip with the Iditarod Champ Dallas Seavey!!!! IM SO EXCITED! I really want to go dog sledding and who better to go with!!! I honestly cant wait. I use to think it was really mean but I read a ton about these dogs and this is what they are bread for, it has something to do with the protein in their muscle fibers that make the amazing at what they do! I absolutely CANNOT wait!

OK I really have to go.. but first let me also tell you this! I'm not biting my nails anymore *applause* - I have been biting my nails since I could chew, this is the first time Ive had nails! I can paint them and everything.. its amazing. Even with all the stress right now I don't feel like biting them.. most of you who know me would be shocked! Its so great to not bleed from biting them to short and be able to stick my hands in hot water and not want to cry.. its so great. Haha lets see how long it lasts!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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