Friday, February 22, 2013

The Great Escape!

Well we are almost there, one week today and we will be laying on a beach in Hawaii!!!

I know Ive been slacking on blogging but honestly things have been so crazy! We have absolutely no furniture left, haha the last thing to go which is amazing and has totally worked in our favor is the girl who bought our bed! She paid us in full but wasn't able to get it until tomorrow which is stellar! We are both DREADING sleeping on the air mattress until we leave.

We have done no packing at all, which is hilarious but at the same time really in the end we wont have much to pack and we do it so much that I'm really not concerned that we wont get it done. I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that its that time again!!

So what have we been up to..... Well last weekend we went to dinner with the guys at Bear's Tooth because Rob and Zach were leaving and really that's all we did, the weekend was a complete bust! However that wasn't the worst thing because we are not going to have a lot of down time so I might as well take advantage while we can.

Monday night I went and got my hair and eyebrows done while Jason was at the gym in preparation for Hawaii. I have such a hair cutting phobia and I have had all great experiences at the salon I go to here so I just wanted to do it here before we leave. Plus my hair was getting soooooo thick again and I just kept thinking about Hawaii and the heat and humidity and what it would do to my hair. The girl did an awesome job, she thinned it soooo much and I absolutely love it!

On Tuesday morning Jason wrote me an email and said that he had talked to his mother and we got our letter for our biometrics in the mail and I had to be in Portland Maine for the appointment on March 5th, we naturally we are going to be in Hawaii... I sobbed. Really on the form it has a section that says if you need to reschedule... needless to say I have sobbed all week. The lawyer was useless and couldn't do anything and we don't have the paperwork so Jason's Aunt took care of it for us.. THANK GOD! I'm still a hot mess about the whole thing but there is nothing we can do and I'm sure it will be fine.

It really put a kink in my last Tuesday off though let me tell you, I got in the truck with Tanya and SOBBED! So we went and got pedicures which was amazing.. honestly I think that everyone should pamper themselves like that once in awhile.. it just felt so great to relax and drink coffee and have someone rub my feet! Then we had an amazing lunch! Well amazing and overpriced! We have been wanting to try this cafe in town called Terra Bella and we went on Tuesday and check it out.. I really wish they sold these cups because I NEED one!!

We really did do much else on Tuesday, funny because we are both flying out next Friday and I'm sure there is a million things we should have been doing but whatever.

So this week has been pretty boring, we had to get a few more groceries to hold us over until we leave and we've been trying to go the gym as much as possible but see everyone as much as possible too.

Last night we went bowling with Josh, Tanya and Goodwin. I haven't bowled in years due to a traumatic childhood incident with bowling and Jason has never bowled ever which is just crazy to me so we went and had a really great time!

Tonight Jason is getting the taxes finished up and then we are heading to the gym, I was hoping to tan again but I'm not sure we will be able to fit that in. Tomorrow I am working and I think Jason is going to start doing a few things around the apartment.

Fur Rondy starts here this weekend which I missed last year because I was working so I'm thinking we might head downtown on Sunday and see whats going on there. I would really like to go to the Portage Glacier again because that's my absolute favorite place here and then Jason wants to go to Flattop, then we were thinking of heading downtown to maybe get a sweater and then be done!

Monday we are having a girls dinner before we all head out on Friday! Tuesday I have to work because in order to have Thursday off.. the last day of the month and the day we have to be out of the apartment I had to switch days! So Jason and I both work until Wednesday and then Thursday we plan to be out of the apartment at 1pm and then Jason is going to drop me off at the hotel and take the truck down to the docks to put it on the barge. We've already booked a hotel for Thursday night and we'll go to dinner with Josh and Tanya probably Thursday night.

Josh and Tanya are flying out on Friday morning at 7am.. and our flight to Honolulu leaves Anchorage at 2:10pm!! Truthfully with everything going on, and this week being such a mess I really haven't had a chance to be excited about Hawaii which I'm sure seems crazy to everyone else! We are packing and moving, both working, dealing with immigration.. with everything going on although Hawaii is a week away I feel like its a lifetime away and I hate to get my hopes up for things until they are happening.

We still don't even know when our next job is or when we will be going which is fine in a big way because we want to deal with all our immigration stuff before we have to be somewhere because as of right now none of our options are in the States.

So that's whats going on in our lives, I will absolutely make a point to blog before we leave. As for Hawaii I don't know if we will be taking the laptop or not we haven't decided but I will have a TON of pictures to share when we get back.

While we are traveling this time it is not my intention to send out travel emails like last time I am planning to just blog. So definitely make sure to watch for updates!

Hope everyone has a warm happy weekend and you will be hearing from me again soon!

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