Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good Morning Sun!

I should always carry my camera because my cell phone just doesn't do justice to the amazing things we see around here. Again.. another reason why I need an Iphone - SOON! Another reason I am excited to head back to the lower 48!!

Anyways this morning I was getting ready to walk to work and I walked out the door and the sky was just amazing so instead of coming back into the apartment and getting my camera like I should have I snapped a few pictures on my cell phone! Take a look!

Well the new girl started today with me, her name is Crystal and she is super nice! Truth be told I really don't think she will last on account of how they do things and she is super over qualified, she has a ton of experience at a variety of different properties and she knows the laws and how things are suppose to be done and she doesn't really seem like someone who will take shit.. so it should be interesting. Not to mention she is a smoker and Deanna HATES smoking, when a resident comes in that is a smoker she always chokes and coughs and loses her voice.. so that too should be quite interesting.
Tomorrow is Superbowl and naturally this household is not at all excited, but Rob and Jason are coming over I think to have a few snacks and watch the game. We plan to get up in the morning and head to the mall in search of some new attire for Hawaii and then I would like to go tanning before coming home for the game. I should be going to bed now but last night I took a sleeping pill because I haven't gotten a good nights sleep in longer than I can even tell you and I slept amazing.. so amazing that I'm not nearly as tired as I should be.
Jason got his new glasses yesterday and I absolutely LOVE them.. they look so good on him!! He of course absolutely hates them and doesn't want to wear them. He doesn't wear them like he should, but I think once he gets use to them he will. He came into work today and was wearing them and had gotten his hair cut and so he wasn't wearing a hat but had gel in his hair and he looked HOT!
So nothing exciting planned for our weekend, this apartment really needs to be cleaned but honestly I keep putting it off because I know we are going to have to do a super clean very soon.
I cant even believe that in less than a month we will be leaving Alaska. If I haven't mentioned it before Jason and I both are not at all excited about Saskatchewan, I mean lets be honest I greatly disliked it there before but Jason never said that he did until now. Whatever its a job though and hopefully we'll get a chance to go home for a visit and this puts us in an even better place to buy a house.. so we keep calm and smile on :)
Happy best football weekend of the year to y'all!!

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