Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pictures I forgot to share!

Hey guys.. first of all I'm lucky to be here writing this. I almost bled to death tonight, no kidding I nicked myself with my razor in the tub and I seriously bled everywhere!! Filled the tub, all over the bath mat and bathroom flood, came out to ask Jason to get me a band aid and he saw all the blood and freaked out! Note to self, brand new razors are dangerous as hell!

Anyways I meant to share a few pictures the other night and I was going through my phone and found them so I thought I would pop in and share them now!

First off you've probably never heard me talk about Dennis who works with Jason.. he's kind of a grumpy old bugger and for the record not the best driver in the world either. HE is forever hitting the wall in the garage and literally ripping out the drywall, its ridiculous.. and he thinks its hilarious. Really I suppose to truck shouldn't even be in there but I guess its a judgement call and he doesn't really care about his truck. I stopped asking the maintenance guys to fix the wall because he just kept doing it. Well the other night I was out putting out notices and I went through the garage and look what I came across....

Ya that's right, resting nicely against the wall.. friggin' guy!
As you all know Jason's job is winding down and therefore they are working a lot less hours. He is also not working weekends, so with me still working Saturday's he is a little bored. This weekend that just passed he decided to try his hand at making whoopie pie's for the very first time! I personally think he NAILED IT! Haha!

I'm really not a fan of whoopie pie's to begin with but these ones were actually from a box and tasted like crap.. haha however Jason REALLY enjoyed them.. I still think he put alcohol in the cream!
For those of you who are on my facebook you might have noticed that I liked Alaska Life just because I really enjoy seeing the different things that go on around the State, especially in regards to the wildlife and Northern Lights. This is a picture that was recently posted and I thought was amazing! This was taken this past weekend in Homer, Alaska.
This last picture I might have actually already shared, I'm not sure and I figured if I have its good enough to share again! This was taken the night Jason and I were driving back from Seward at the end of January I believe and the sun was setting over Turnagain Arm.. and MY CAMERA DIED! But I got this on my cell phone.. better than nothing.
Well I'm off to watch my DVR shows because tomorrow is my day off and I can sleep in. Truth be told Ive been sleeping later and later everyday!
Alright hope everyone is having a great week!! I will be back before the weeks out to tell you all the fun things going on.. haha!

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