Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Packing = Meltdown

Well last night packing did not go so well let me tell you, I really thought that once we got in a groove we would be in a really great place but I just couldn't get myself in a place where I wanted to get things going, I didn't want to part with anything.. having to pack suitcases for Hawaii with summer clothes that we wont be able to use back in the lower 48 is hard too.. it just didn't go well. So I proceeded to sit on the floor in cry.. in the middle of a huge mess.

Pretty much this is what the apartment looked like last night. We really got the whole kitchen done which was great, cleaned out all the cupboards, Anna got a bunch of stuff we couldn't take and picked it up last night, I cleaned the stove and everything so as for the kitchen we just need to wipe out the fridge and we will be good to go.

Jason has been so beyond helpful, usually he is working and therefore I have to do everything for moving but this time he has had more time off than me so he has really stepped up and done so much, I am so grateful!

After my meltdown I seriously considered sitting down and drinking the rest of this wine, I thought it would make things look up a little but I had to get up super early this morning for a girls breakfast and today is my last day at work, plus we are I'm sure going to be up late packing so I figured I better no.. haha Anna took this too!

Jason is only working until 1pm today and then he has some running around to do, get a hair cut, etc and then he is going to head home to get a head start on things. When I get home we are going to order pizza and finish everything up. Tomorrow we are doing our move out walk thru of the apartment at 1:00pm and then Jason is dropping me off at the hotel before heading to the docks to drop off the truck! We plan to just walk to the Cattle Company for dinner tomorrow night and then back to the hotel. I'm not kidding you I have never been so excited to stay in a hotel just because I want to sleep in a real bed again! I am too old to sleep on a air mattress, no kidding our apartment right now is a bad college movie of air mattresses and camp chairs! Although I shouldn't complain because Tanya came to breakfast this morning and said last night was there first night on the air mattress and they just got in bed and the cat put a hole in it.. LOL!
Hopefully we will have Internet at the hotel tomorrow night and I will be able to tell you that everything is fine and dandy and we are heading to Hawaii worry free.. but if not I will make sure to blog as soon as we get back to the lower 48!


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