Monday, February 25, 2013

Fur Rondy Weekend- AKA - Our last weekend in Alaska

Good Evening all,

Well its official, our last weekend in Anchorage if officially coming to an end and what a weekend it has been! As I'm sure you can imagine now that we are down to the crunch we are really trying to get things organized, boxes packed to ship and take... but truth be told this weekend all I wanted to do was everything we love doing here because after today I don't know when we'll ever get to do it again.

Saturday I worked so Jason, god love him did a lot of cleaning and organizing around the apartment which is always a huge help. He dropped me off at work in the morning to get some things done and then picked me up at 11:30am to go finish up with our taxes which turned out better than we had hoped! Friggin' Obama! After taxes I went back to work for what was a long boring Saturday.. but the last one so I'm trying not to complain to much!!

Saturday night we planned to go and catch the Fur Rondy festivities downtown, what was left of them as this is a huge weekend long event. Last year we went for the fire works at night and it was MISERABLE! It was absolutely FREEZING and just outright miserable, all the bars/restaurants were PACKED and we couldn't find anywhere to eat, it was awful... truth be told I have absolutely no fond memories of that evening whatsoever!

Anyways we went better prepared this time, Jason made dinner so we ate before we went and then we layered up before heading downtown. It wasn't nearly as cold this year thankfully and parking really wasn't bad at all, but let me tell you it was snowing like crazy! When we got down there and started to walk around I didn't think we would be able to see the fireworks at all the way it was snowing, and truthfully as we stood and watched we were getting barried.. literally! I sent some pictures in my album on Snapfish earlier and I posted some that Tammy took because the fireworks in her pictures are incredible! The snow was just unbelievable but so majestic.. as much as I hate winter the last week every time it snows I smile because if I have to deal with snow its most beautiful here!

After fireworks were didn't hang around very long because we really had stuff that we have to get done and most of the things that we would have enjoyed were over anyways. So we headed to Walmart to pick up a few things, where Jason seemed to find more than what we were looking for....

Too funny, he likes these glasses better than his prescription ones he says!
After that we came home to our, what seems like a bad college movie life! I tell you this living on an air mattress is SHIT! Neither of us slept at all last night, but Jason enjoys it for TV watching...
This morning we were up early, thanks to the shitty air mattress.. but either way we got up and headed out the door early! First stop of Harley's Old Thyme Cafe for our favorite breakfast! If you ever have the chance to try sourdough pancake, do! Its not just their sourdough pancakes though.. their honey maple syrup is pretty brilliant too! Jason gets a plethora of options with his little piggy omelet, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, etc. Let me tell you Harley's is good but I cant wait to go back to the south for some biscuits and gravy!
Anyways we left breakfast and headed down to the Portage Valley, Jason didn't seem to keen but its my absolute most favorite place here and I wanted to go just one last time! All was fine until we got to the Portage Valley where we his TONS of snow.. last time we were there it was snowing but there was nothing on the ground, this time.. winter wonderland! It was absolutely beautiful but unfortunately there was no chance of seeing the glaciers! We left there and drove Turnagain arm headed back to Anchorage, with the intention of going downtown for some festivities and to get a few last souvenirs for ourselves.
We made it in good time for the sled dog races which was great, we got to see them finish downtown (see snapfish pictures) and get a few souvenirs.. INCLUDING... we saw this for Brianne and Evan's new baby and HAD to get it! Truth be told they had them in my size and I REALLY regret not getting myself some.

I mean how cute is this?? I cant wait to see the new little miss in it!!!
After all our running around we headed back to the apartment to get more things done. Honestly because we are still working and living its making it really hard to actually pack and organize when we still need stuff. But we need to be out of the apartment by Thursday at 1pm so we need to get it together.
Tomorrow night we are having a girls goodbye dinner and Jason and going to go to the post office to send out the last of the stuff. After tomorrow I think he will be able to pack most of his work stuff and Jason already has his suitcase packed for Hawaii! I think I will plan to pack my suitcase for Hawaii tomorrow and that is one last thing.
Thursday night we are in a hotel, which at this point with this stupid air mattress I absolutely cant wait! We are going to go to the Cattle Company for dinner and then our flight leaves Anchorage at 2:10pm on Friday the 1st!
I plan to blog again at least once more before we head out, so keep a look out!!
Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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