Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dog sledding Extravaganza!!!

Although I haven't been here in a week I think you will find it was worth the wait!!

Honestly I have meant to get here, not that I have had anything so pressing that I needed to share but we are getting closer to Hawaii which means going to the gym every night and they hired someone to replace me at work and with her around its really hard to make time for personal Internet use!

Yes you read right, they have FINALLY hired someone to replace me which is actually great news on account that I don't have to work my Tuesday's that I should have off and I don't have to be on call on weekends which is always bonus. They hired her last week I believe and she started on February 1st and now she is with me full time. Tom and Deanna left on Wednesday for a month long vacation in California so naturally it is my job to train the girl. I was told she has 10 years experience and knows all the Alaska land lord and tenant act laws, etc but let me tell you she isn't showing her strengths. I don't know if she feels like she doesn't have to impress me because I'm leaving.. which she doesn't but shes not really doing anything at all. She doesn't do anything unless I ask her too, even if I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. So finally after showing her everything now I am asking her to do it. We're having a hard time with some of our residents though because they don't want to deal with her, I guess they are use to me and so they prefer to deal with me.. so I'm trying to direct them to her and when anyone comes in I introduce her and tell them she will be replacing me, hopefully that will help.

Nothing really exciting happened all week, Jason and I went to the gym every night which doesn't always feel great on the way but once we get there I am ready to go. I'm trying really hard to lose weight, working really hard at it so I wont feel like a porker in my bathing suit the whole time we are in Hawaii... however that went out the window this morning.

This morning Jason and I got up and headed out for breakfast before out Sunday adventure. We decided to go to Harley's Old Thyme Cafe because Josh and Tanya have gone a couple times and raved about it. Jason and I are both fussy about breakfast and honestly most often if we ever go out we go to City Diner because their breakfast is amazing and its our favorite place... until now. This morning we had the most AMAZING breakfast! I had Sourdough pancakes with honey maple syrup.. too die for!!!! Jason had the little piggy omelet with hash browns, biscuits and gravy and bacon.. plus he got a free Harley's cake which is a maple glazed pecan pancake.. unreal! The breakfast was unreal, and the coffee was incredible!!! We couldn't have been happier with it!

We left there and naturally hit Starbucks before getting on the Glen Highway and heading towards Wasilla. We decided that we would go down to Wasilla before our sled dog ride because Jason was dying to see the snow mobile races. The weather was shit to be honest, when we got down there it was raining then snowing and it was windy as all hell! We stood outside and watched an hour worth of races and then had to go. It was alright, mostly the sleds were pieces of crap.. haha although they called them "vintage" which cracked me up.. not really something I am into but Jason loved it.

We left there and headed back to Eagle River for our sled dog extravaganza! The whole way back it was pouring rain and I was soooo disappointed! I wondered if they would cancel them all together or if we would just have to do it in the rain... either way I figured it was at least warm. We got there though and the rained stopped and it was amazing!!

When we first got there I saw the dogs in the truck and thought.. maybe this isn't a good idea.. maybe they are mean to them.. but that was until they were attached to the sled. These dogs absolutely love it.. they hate to stop.. they hop around and bark like crazy.. they want to run. They are all Alaskan Huskies owned by Dallas Seavey who has wont the Alaskan Iditarod! The dogs are specifically bread for this, our tour guide gave us a ton of information on how the dogs are cared for, who cares for them, what they are capable of and how well they are taken care of. Just watching them run was so incredible... they actually sweat, along the way they eat a ton of snow and when we stopped they would lay in the snow to cool off.. it was crazy!

I think I would have enjoyed this amazing experience anywhere but how beautiful to do so in the middle of Alaska along a beautiful river surrounded by mountains! I kind of wish we would have taken more pictures but we were having such a good time that we kind of slacked there! Absolutely amazing!!

So Jason is suppose to help move our dresser tonight, I sold it to a guy who lives at one of our properties for $50.00 more than we paid for it when we got here... SCORE!! Although this is the first thing we've sold and now we have a ton of clothes in suitcases which sucks.. makes the reality of moving that much more real.

That's it for us though, still don't know where the hell we are going after this job.. besides Hawaii of course. I feel like I haven't been able to be excited for Hawaii yet because there is just so much more going on! As the time gets closer though and we check things off of our to do list I know we will be counting down the days.

Jason could potentially be done work this week which is good and bad, he will be extremely bored but it will also be a great chance to get stuff done as well. Usually Jason is working right until the end and I do all the packing but this time its the opposite! My last day is the 27th and then we will do our move out on the 28th, take the truck to the docks and fly out on March 1st!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, now that you have all survived snow storm Nemo!

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