Friday, April 20, 2012

Campbell Creek Trail Walk

Good Day all!

I only have a few minutes because I have to get ready for work but because I don't seem to have time ever I thought I would take a quick minute and post the pictures I took last night when Jason and I went for a walk. We have been going to the gym every night or doing some kind of exercise because neither of us are feeling great physically and last night we decided to go for a long walk!

Check out some pictures!

 When you walk out of our apartment this is what you see! Its nice to start a walk knowing the view is only to get better!
 Jason gets in all the pictures! haha he needs to be close to the water and check everything out, he apparently needs to get close to moose droppings too, to be aware of how old it is!
 The water is so much higher than it even was last week! It was really flowing too!

 The snow is almost gone!!! Hence how high the river is I suppose! I cant wait until everything is green!

 See the Mountains in the back? My reflection makes me look like a porker but in my defense I had a sweatshirt on and my vest!

 I'm not exactly sure what this is.. there was a pond on the other side that also had one of these.. the water was really rushing out. Jason got right down there and stuck his hand in there and I didn't realize it and then he went told hold my hand and thought it was hilarious!
 Theres the pond! You cant see but on the other side there was a ton of geese!
 See the moose laying down by the tree in the back? There were two of them laying back there!!

 We encountered this moose on the walk back, as you can see he was super close to the path and I absolutely refused to just walk by him.. he wasn't big, last years baby but you just never know. So we went on a safari and crawled through the bush.. I was knee deep in snow, I got smacked in the face with a pine branch and came out feeling SUPER ITCHY! You think he would have saw us and went the other way but NOOOOOO...

So that was our walk last night.. we went a couple miles and it was great! It was 56 last night which is the warmest weather we've had. It was nice to change it up from the gym and take advantage of a beautiful night!

I still have 2 more days of work this week and let me tell you I CANT WAIT until Sunday! I feel like I haven't had two minutes to sit on the couch and do nothing in forever!! I'm really sorry if I haven't responded to peoples emails or something, I promise to get to it today or tomorrow. Next week things will go back to normal and I should have more time hopefully!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!