Monday, April 30, 2012

Screw you Monday... Screw you!

Well its not even 8am and I am wishing this day away already.. in fact before 7am I was wishing this day away!! I didn't sleep at all last night and therefore I have a TERRIBLE headache that isn't going away and an incredibly busy day ahead of me!

Let me back track.. what has been going on lately? I should have read my last blog to know where I left off! Maybe I will just skip ahead to Saturday. Jason had to work this Saturday for the first time and let me tell you it made going to work on a Saturday a lot easier! I slept in really late on Saturday and then got up and rushed to get ready.. good thing I got that extra hour because Saturday was UNBELIEVABLY busy! It was so busy that when Jason came to pick me up I had to send him home because I knew dinner was in the oven and there was no way I could leave. I had to stay and finish things up before leaving and then walk home. Saturday when I got home we had a quick dinner, clean up, made lunches and than we had to head to Walmart to get the things that Jason needed to make Chili for Sunday dinner and pick up a few groceries! I took a picture on the way to Walmart - check it out! The snow is even melting in the mountains.. significantly!

Walmart was a good trip let me tell you, we encountered this woman on a scooter who was literally destroying the store! Haha Jason was like "Jesus, you should have to take a breathalyzer before being allowed to use one of those things".. she was all of 4 feet too... she looked irritated by her own lack of coordination and driving abilities.

When we got home we decided to watch the new Mark Wahlberg movie.. Contraband. Jason has been wanting to see this movie forever and we just never made it to the theatre to do so, therefore Jason has been keeping an eye out and it was finally released on demand.. excellent movie.. Mark Wahlberg is a bad ass.. and pretty freaking hot! All in all.. good movie.

Yesterday we were busy, we slept in on account that we didn't go to bed until late and I got an emergency call in the night of course! So we got up and Jason started on the chili while I laid in bed hoping to fall back asleep.. no dice! So I got up and had a shower and then Jason got ready and we headed downtown. We had plans for a drive or something this Sunday but the weather was cold and miserable so we decided that we would just go to the mall because I was in desperate need of a visit to Teavana! So we headed down, naturally making a much needed stop at Starbucks first! We got lunch and then toured around the mall, I got a bunch of new tea and Jason almost had a heart attack about the price! Actually he was pretty interesting the whole entire mall trip, everything I picked out he said it looked like a curtain or a table cloth.. if its not Hollister Jason doesn't have a clue! God love him! Pretty boy that he is!

Anyways yesterday seemed like a really long day with not time for much, and so I am wishing today away so I can enjoy my day off tomorrow!

Well I shall get ready for work unfortunately.. I will leave you with a picture of Jason's gun in its snazzy new holster! Jason took it on a walk last night and was soooo excited to use it!

Hope everyone had a great week!

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