Monday, April 2, 2012

I feel safer already!!

Well we are officially an All American Family! Jason bought a gun! What an odd experience.. and lengthy let me tell you! Haha! We have spent weeks looking at guns at a variety of different stores, Jason researches them on a daily basis! Finally he narrowed it down to a Ruger 357 4 inch barrel or 3 inch.. the thing is the 3 inch is a one of a kind, there are only 300 in the world and 2 of them in Alaska! So after debating what going to a smaller barrel would do to the accuracy and velocity and comparing the sights we decided to go to Mountain Sports yesterday and Jason said if that gun was still there (which seemed extremely unlikely with the turnaround on guns here and it being one of a kind) he would buy it! Well we walked in and went right to the gun counter which has been like our second home and low and behold there sits Jason's new toy!

In all of 5 minutes Jason was approved and we were walking out the door with Jason's dream. Honestly I'm on the fence about the whole thing, I seriously considered getting myself a nice little 38 special self defense purse gun with the kidnappings around here and because while Jason did all his gun chatting and negotiating I did my own tactical research.. feel free to address all future mail to "Annie Oakley". I do honestly find it extremely strange that it was such a short process and more so that now that he has this gun without any kind of weapons training (which of course he says he doesn't need) or any concealed weapons permit he can now carry this gun with him all the time, anywhere we go! Really? I don't feel comfortable with this, nor do I feel comfortable with the idea of everyone around us carrying guns. Maybe this is because I'm from Canada where handguns are illegal and we have MUCH stricter laws on who may you shoot and where.. but I feel weird about it.

I want to have this thing locked in a case in a closet and of course not loaded.. and the amo far away.. Jason however is looking into a holsters now and plans to plant this thing on his side and wear it at his leisure.. eek! We do plan to go to the range this weekend though and see what this thing can do... on paper! Maybe after I shoot it I will feel differently, maybe in a month I will be doing gun tricks and landing bulls eye every time I shoot.. but I don't think so!! It is a really nice gun though and Jason couldn't be happier about it.. so I'm happy about that!

Take a look...

Magnum PI

When we got home yesterday we called Mom & Dad and honestly I don't know who was more excited, dad or Jason! Dad cant wait to get here and shoot it himself and Bubba is super pissed off that everyone is going to get to shoot a handgun but him. He is really hoping Jason isn't screwing with him and plans to come home in the fall and smuggle it across the border to shoot at Lewis' house! We'll see how far that goes.. we have enough issues with the border!

That's really all the excitement around here! I had a CRAZY busy day at work so it flew by which was great and then Jason picked me up and we headed right to the grocery store! I was pretty hungry when we got home because that little block head showed up again and I didn't get the eat! He was better behaved today, I think he knows I don't like him. I didn't sleep last night for some reason so I got up early and made Jason's breakfast and lunch for tomorrow already.. so were watching the NCAA championship.. Jason's in it to win it in the final game and I am eating chicken salad on New York style bagel chips! haha.. soo good!

Tomorrow is my day off, no plans but to sleep in and get some stuff down around the house. Gym tomorrow night and Wednesday Jason needs a haircut so we will venture to the mall.. I figured I would look for a new straightener while we were there but miraculously mine was working today again.. some kind of weird cosmic joke yesterday I suppose! Thursday night the Celtics play the Bulls so Jason said we are sporting our jerseys and going to the bar with Rob who is a die hard Bulls fan.. haha I look forward to that!

Hope everyone is having a great week.. if not get yourself some roasted garlic New York Style bagel chips.. I'm pretty sure that will fix everything!

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