Monday, April 16, 2012

You can take the boy out of the country but you cant take the country out of the boy!!!

Two blogs in one day.. I get extra credit for that don't I??

So Jason made dinner and it was great and then we decided to take a walk.. thought I would share some pictures!

 This was dinner.. excellent! Mom has taught Jason well!! Half pepperoni and half barbecue chicken!
 This is the creek behind our apartment, honestly last week you couldn't even see the water and now look! Its actually really beautiful down there, if you walk about 5 minutes the other way Taku lake is right there! We are actually in a really great spot!
 I cant wait to see what it will look like here when all the snow is gone and things are lush and green! We are suppose to get a ton of rain tomorrow so that might happen sooner than later!
 I don't know how long the trail is, I think miles and miles.. remember the pictures I posted 2 weeks ago or so? when you couldn't see the bench's?
 Hence the title, this is my husband peeing right off the trail.. I couldn't even believe it.. haha he says the outside makes him have to pee!
 There are signs all along the trail about Salmon and Trout fishing! One of the guys Jason works with who lives here as well caught a King Salmon last year right behind the apartment. On average a King Salmon is 25lbs.
We walked over to Campbell Elementary school to check out the basketball courts.. this is pretty much the view we see every time we walk out of our apartment.. its pretty amazing! Jason's not bad looking either! haha!

So I thought I would share these pictures, I still have to upload the ones from Flatop & Chugach State Park from last weekend.. I promise to get on that and send them out!

I hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!!


  1. Jason must be thrilled that you posted a picture of him peeing!!