Sunday, April 8, 2012

Record Breaking...? I think so!!

Well its true, we broke the record!! We are officially in Anchorage for the snowiest winter EVER!! Jason couldn't be happier but let me tell you I could care less!! This is what I woke up to yesterday...

And this is how it continued to look for the rest of the day!!

So we beat the record, by a couple of inches I believe and there is still a very good chance that we could continue to get snow throughout this month! I don't remember being a kid and doing an Easter Egg hunt in the snow that's for sure.. especially not this kind of snow!

Anyways I will go back a bit because I haven't blogged in a couple of days.. let me think..

Last Tuesday I believe we went to the mall because Jason needed a haircut and he was DYING for an ice cream! So while he got his haircut I toured around the mall and checked everything out, then I met him at the haircutting place and afterwards we got an ice cream. Jason had this poor girl make him a Reese's pieces blizzard and then put it in a waffle cone.. haha what a mess!! Actually it was more humongous than anything else.. look at this thing.. Jason was so in love!

The poor girl had no idea how to make this thing, let alone charge him for it.. it took him forever to eat it.. haha as you can see with the anticipating of how long it would take him to eat it.. which would inevitably result in melting.. he got the kiddie cone holder!!

Wednesday night Jason Goodwin came in, he didn't get in until late so I brought his lease and keys home so we could do his move in that night. Rob and Jason came over too while went over and the whole time they went on and on about how I ripped them off and Jason got a WAY better unit and how much I sucked! haha Jason picked our unit and Rob got a totally remodelled unit, everything brand new! Assholes!!

Thursday night we all went to the Peanut Farm a local sports bar for the Celtics vs Bulls game.. haha Rob being a HUGE Bulls fan.. so Jason and I sported our Rondo jerseys and the Bulls won.. needless to say the night didn't turn out like I had expected! Dinner wasn't bad though, Jason had wings and said they weren't bad!

Friday night we didn't do anything, had a lazy night really! Saturday I knew it was suppose to snow so I figured it would be a slow day, Charlie was coming in at 10:30am to open "fan mail" and that was all I had on the go! So this is how Charlie came into my office on Saturday... haha

Charlie and I had been discussing a "Jimmy Hat" a couple weeks back and he said that he had one.. well he showed up in my office on Saturday with it on.. BACKWARDS! Honestly I couldn't even talk I was killing myself laughing.. obviously he couldn't see himself in it.. but before I could tell him that it was backwards he went on to explain that he didn't like the hair in his face. I suppose it didn't occur to him that someone who wasn't blind wouldn't be able to see if it was meant to be worn that way! I explained that he had it on backwards and he cracked up and took it off.

Unfortunately as always when Charlie and I started to read mail someone came in. Mark Jennings is a super nice man who is renting a unit from us. He is working on a Alaska Pipeline Project up here Alaska, but his family is back in Florida. Anyways long story short the project took a turn for the worst this week and now he doesn't know his future with the company. He assumes he will still have a job, hes not sure if it will be in Alaska and if so he could take a pretty extreme pay cut. So he was suppose to move in on Friday but now with everything going on he doesn't know... so he was telling me about things because I'm extremely interested in his job and I knew Charlie would be too. At one point I got a call and had to take it in the back room.. when I came back Charlie was telling Mr. Jennings pot smoking jokes!!!! and they were both killing themselves laughing.. I was like.. CHARLIE!! Through laughter he responded with "I'm sorry I will tell you later!!".. haha! So before Charlie left we straightened out his Jimmy Hat situation and got it straight...

Last night we watched a movie and today being Easter Sunday nothing is really opened so we went to Walmart and then took a little drive up to Chugach State Park.. I haven't taken the pictures off the camera yet but I will later and will post them.. Amazing view up there!!

So I must sign off because they aren't playing the Celtics game and Jason is NEEDING to watch it STAT! I will take the pictures off the camera and post them later!

I hope everyone is having a very HAPPY EASTER!!! as well a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cathy!!

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