Sunday, April 15, 2012

Range is HOT, Proceed to Fire!

First I will apologize for having not blogged in so long.. Ive been working a lot and we've been going to the gym every night and this last week has just flown by! I have been crazy busy at work.. you wont even believe it!

Its definitely been a good week though, Ive gotten so much accomplished.. however I couldn't wait for last night to come. Jason and I decided to grill last night.. legally though not to worry... we took it downstairs beside the building and grilled awesome turkey burgers! I made myself a nice little (or not so little) mixed drink that was apparently a little strong.. haha.. so I had a second to make it the right way. We didn't really do anything last night, got in bed early.

Today was the day though.. Today was the day we finally made it to the shooting range! We got up and went to breakfast at the City Diner, Jason got this HUGE omelet and loved it. He said "Ya I'll be back, your dad, Uncle Stick and I will definitely be back" haha. After that we hit Starbucks (naturally) before going to the range.. The Rabbit Creek Range!

It was kind of miserable this morning so we went to breakfast to see if the rain would hold off but really come hell or high water Jason was shooting that gun today! When we got there I was really nervous, I was pretty confident in shooting on account that its obviously not the first time I shot a gun (do you know my dad?) but it was the first time that Ive shot a handgun. Jason and I have talked about it a lot but the other night he decided to show me videos of girls shooting handguns and them coming back and whacking them in the face! I was sooo scared! So we got there and although I liked the fact that it was outside it was soooo loud!! We got all ready and went out to the handgun section and waited to set up. The gentleman who runs the range yells "CEASE FIRE!" and then you unload your weapon, remove magazines and step back.. then he asks everyone to raise their hand that they understand the instructions before he allows everyone to go out and change the targets.

They are super strict about not letting you anywhere near the counters and weapons while people are changing their targets which made me feel a lot safer. When the range is cleared he asks that everyone understands the instructions and are ready to shoot.. he then walks off the range and yells "RANGE IS HOT, PROCEED TO FIRE!"... take a look...

 See it was a pretty crappy day out.. but that's the mountains and the ocean in front of us! To the right is actually the parking lot to the range, you can kind of see the sign behind the trees.
 Rabbit Creek Rifle Range, there was quite a few rifles and shot guns as well and an AR 15.. like a machine gun.. BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!
 This was Jason setting up the first targets, we didn't have those black targets but we are going to get them next time! They are all black and when you hit them they splash florescent orange or yellow depending where you hit it!
 Jason was so excited.. READY....AIM... FIRE!!
 Done I look fierce? I had to wear the protective glasses over my glasses because I wasn't 100% sure that my glasses were shatter proof and I didn't have side Shields. Its not like I couldn't not wear my glasses.. I wouldn't have been able to see dick all.
 The targets were about 18 yards away.
 BOOM! It didn't kick nearly as bad as I thought it would! I actually had a really great time!!
Dont I have good posture? haha Probably because Jason was behind me saying.. "Stand straight, hold it tight.. move your feet apart.. hold it tight!"
I hit the black part of the target.. if that was a bear I bet I would have killed it! haha!

We had a really good time!! After we left we headed to Sports Authority so Jason could get some stuff to clean the gun because the fact that it was dirty was driving him crazy! We also picked up a basketball because it was on sale and its definitely out plan to play!

What else has been going on? We went to an Alaska Aces game the other night, Jason, Rob, Josh, Jason and I! - Whatever genius decided that it was wise to encourage people to shake cow bells like maniacs indoors should be shot.. honestly! It was a pretty good game though, the guys were totally into it and the Aces won! Believe it or not a good portion of the team was from Ontario somewhere.. obviously.. Canadians and hockey go hand in hand!

That's really about it though, besides work and the gym not much has been going on! I work all this week again because Tom and Deanna don't get back until Friday and neither of them work on Fridays so I will be there on my own! I really don't mind it, I don't love working 6 days a week but it will be worth it to have the time off when the fam is here!

So to those of you that I have been slack responding to emails.. I'M REALLY SORRY! I promise to answer all of you this week. I also thank you all of you who actually answer me back.. because there are definitely a few people that I try with all the time and always get back "I have nothing to tell you"  or "I'm just really busy" which I honestly do understand.. but after months I really feel like I am completely out of the loop and don't bother writing you anymore.. so if you never respond to me and I haven't written you.. that's why.

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.. we are finally seeing 50 on occasion and I couldn't be happier!!! The snow has melted WAY faster than I ever expected and although I don't want to jinx it I think we have seen the last of the snow here!

ALSO.. bad new.. Josh went for a walk the other night and saw bear shit on the path.. obviously I want no part of that and don't have any intentions of walking down there without my knew friend the RUGER 357!! Haha I would never shoot a bear.. well.. probably not!

In case you were wondering I haven't seen Bruce all week.. its starting to look like Bruce and Brenda aren't brother and sister but maybe partners! I'm assuming because I haven't seen Brenda in weeks she is pregnant and getting ready to have her baby.. do moose have more than one baby at a time? Jason said he think they can have 2 but I don't know. I'll keep my eye out for her babies and try and get pictures from a distance.

Anyways Jason is making pizza for dinner and afterwards he wants to go try out the next basketball.. I'm not thrilled, I would rather have a hot bath but we'll go for awhile! I will try to be better about blogging, we've been boring though!

I hope all is well with everyone! I miss you all tons!!

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