Thursday, April 26, 2012

A walk is never just a walk around here..

Good Evening all,

Tonight instead of going to the gym we decided to go for a walk since it is so nice outside. Jason has been wanting to walk towards Josh's house and check out the basketball hoops over there and see if Taku lake was completely unfrozen yet! So I came home and we had the pasta dinner Ive been looking forward to for days and then decided to take a walk. I'm not going to lie I wasn't really into it at first, I'm not feeling my best today and I'm completely exhausted.. this being light out all the time is fucking with me. I cant sleep!!!!! I cant sleep because at 10:30pm at night its still daylight out, so I don't feel tired really at all but I force myself to go lay in bed. Then its light out again at like 5am.. I cant handle it. We are going to have to invest in black out curtains for every room!

Anyways it wasn't too bad because I had yesterday off and basically lounged around and did my own thing and let me tell you it was MUCH needed!!! I feel all the time like we are so busy, probably because we are and that I really never have any time to do anything I really want to do, or do nothing at all for that matter. When I do have time off I have to call this person and email this person and to be honest I'm finding people for the most part aren't overly understanding of the time difference/work schedule/I have a life and don't want to sit at home in my spare time and talk on the phone all the time problem! For all of you that aren't understanding that I really am sorry, I do try my best to make time for everyone and when I send an email instead of make a phone call it isn't necessarily because I don't want to talk to you on that phone, its most often because I don't know how my time will play out and I think something is better than nothing.. and on top of that I can email from work and not call.

I'm getting off topic. So tonight we went for a walk, the opposite way that we went last time and it was really nice! A lot of people utilize the path which is great and the river is really flowing.. the whole walk is really nice.

The basketball nets at Taku Elementary really aren't far and Jason wanted to check them out and compare them to the ones at Campbell Elementary.. well they sucked! But was absolutely HILARIOUS was Jason trying to touch the rim! Honestly I was killing myself laughing.. Jason really isn't short but he was less than an inch off and it was pissing him off beyond belief and I just stood there cracking up!! SO FUNNY!

Check it out!

On the way back I made a friend.. we were walking along and behind us came this woman and her two dogs, one on a leash and one not! Well the German Shepherd that wasn't on a leash started out getting closer and closer to us from behind and then he would stop.. then he started to get a little closer at my side.. and then he would get ahead of us and stop and turn around and look at us like.."umm are you coming".. so finally his owner said, "he's trying to adopt you!". So then he got himself in a place that if he walked in front of us if he stopped my hand would brush his head! haha.. this went on for awhile!

We were almost home, crossing the bridge over the creek and who do we see when we get on the bridge.. Charlie! Jason finally got to meet Charlie! I think he impressed Jason with his knowledge of Maine and he asked Jason questions about where he went to college and stuff.. you know how much Jason loves it when people want to know all about him! haha!

So we just got home and Jason had a shower and I'm heading that way now, lunches are made and Idol is on! Mom got me all excited that they were singing Prince songs tonight.. but she lied!! ;) haha!

I will leave you with a few more pictures from our walk.. pure beauty!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!

 This is Taku lake which is right behind our apartment! Its so beautiful, I think it will be really nice when all the ice melts and we can actually really see the water!
 No Jason is not peeing.. haha he is just checking things out!!

This is Taku Elementary.. not a bad view eh!


  1. Are you sure he's not peeing? Next picture he needs to turn around!

    Remember to take pictures with both of you in the picture!!!

  2. Haha Im sure hes not peeing! Its hard to take a picture of both of us when its just the two of us and Im taking them on my BB. Next time we go for a walk I will take the Camera and then upload the pictures and send them out! I think there might be an adventure in our near future.. we are making plans for Sunday!

  3. It really looks gorgeous there...I need more pictures!!