Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Long Week...

Well its been the longest week ever and its only Wednesday.. I'm super busy at work and we've been going to the gym every night and grocery shopping, etc.. when I go to bed at night I haven't been hearing anything until that bitch in the building has someone pick her up at 5:45am and honk the horn until she comes out.. I gave her a nice friendly reminder the other day on her door that at a quiet time like that in a small community the magnitude of noise like that is disruptive to many.. her next notice is going to say KNOCK IF OFF OR GET THE FUCK OUT! I can deal with a lot but don't screw with my sleep!

Work has been rough this week, maintenance guys don't want to do anything.. Ive been absolutely swamped for the most part and dealing with a bunch of crap that comes along with month end! Its nice to deal with the owner on most issues though instead of someone who brushes everything off and doesn't care to actually deal with the problem.

So Tom and Deanna fly in tomorrow night I think but most likely wont be to work until Monday... I might see someones face on Friday but who knows!

That's really it with me, I thought I would write something while I had a minute.. sorry its not something more but I'm going to hit the showers and then my bed early.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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