Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Ha-Ha by Dave King: A Book Review

Well hello there, long time no see!

I had intended to come back here on Tuesday and tell you all about our trip home and review a few books and get back in the saddle basically, but that didn't happen. I do plan to tell you all about our trip home and so on but its just happening a little later than I had expected.

Tuesday wasn't exactly the greatest day, being back here obviously SUCKS and we got some news about work that I am not overly thrilled about but I will tell you about that tomorrow probably. Right now I thought I would review a book I finished while at home and try and get caught up on those things!

I hope you guys all had a great weekend and I hope all of you Canadians had an amazing Canada Day yesterday!!

Lets get into the book shall we?

I remember getting this book years ago and being really excited to read it.. but I guess I didn't because while reading it nothing sounded like I might have read it before. The idea of the book is really great but I wont lie.. I wasn't overly impressed with it. 

This is the synopsis as you can find it on

Rendered unable to speak, read, or write after a Vietnam War injury thirty years earlier, Howard Kapostash feels trapped by his disability until his high school sweetheart, recently forced into rehab, asks him to care for her nine-year-old son.

I believe there is more on the actual backside of the book, I'm sorry I don't have the book with me though. Basically that's the run down though and it leaves you wanting to read about what this 9 year old boy would teach Howard and improve his quality of life, right?

That's basically what I expected to find reading the book and I cant say that was the case. I wasn't impressed the way they talked about how he inquired his injury and I don't want to ruin the book and give away everything but he was on patrol in Vietnam and was high on weed? Really?

Obviously Howard's life is hard, he is completely nonverbal and throughout the book I never understood why he decided not to help himself, not to try therapies, not to do everything he could to find a way to communicate somehow, especially when they constantly display his frustration.. then Ryan comes into the picture and I suspected that because he couldn't communicate with Ryan he would make the effort. Nope. 

Basically I felt there was no resolution to the book, nothing changed from start to finish really. I have to say other people obviously felt differently because when I went to rate the book when I was finished a lot of people gave it a much higher rating, so maybe I was missing something? I honestly wouldn't recommend the book. I didn't finish it really liking Howard at all. 

I still think its important to review books no matter what I think because maybe you would feel differently if you read it. My opinion is strictly my opinion and I'm obviously not going to like every book that I read, which sadly has actually been happening a lot lately. 

Have you read this book? If so what did you think?

I am almost finished all the books I brought here to read which is a good thing, but that also means I will have a few more book reviews coming in the next week or so! 

As I said I hope you guys had a great weekend, I plan to be back tomorrow to tell you all about our trip home! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!! 

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