Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Not an Apartment Tour... Oops

Good afternoon!

I planned to post an apartment tour of sorts today but I need to use Jason's phone to take pictures or wait until I bring the camera from home because I couldn't get good pictures on my phone. I will try tonight with Jason's phone and see where I get.

Truth be told I have nothing really to say because I updated you guys yesterday and we are still trying to get situated with the apartment and everything inside.

Yesterday I had a big fight with Verizon Fios and cancelled our less than week old service with them so if you happen to be one of the people I sent our new number to you can just disregard that! We weren't really happy with the setup of Verizon compared to Comcast but figured we would just get use to the different layout, but then we realized that they actually get us the wrong internet modem and wrong cable box. Jason called and explained the situation and was under the impression someone was suppose to come out yesterday and change everything out for us, although he didn't seem to know a time. I decided to give them a call and they told me that they weren't having anyone come out that we would have to go and pick all the stuff up and send the stuff we were exchanging back to them. I wasn't pleased about this as we paid for installation and didn't see why we should have to go through the hassle when they were fully aware that the error was on their part! They said they acknowledged the error was theirs but it would be easier if we fixed it ourselves.. easier for them! At this point I was pissed, I don't see why our time is less important than theirs. I continued to make a fuss and so they said they would send someone out but they were going to charge us $100.00.... say wha???? This is when I proceeded to tell them to shove their service up their ass! What kind of customer service is that???

I immediately called Comcast who gave us all the same stuff we had setup with Verizon for a cheaper monthly rate and extremely good customer service.

I'm truly shocked at Verizon's customer service, although they are separate we have had cell phones with Verizon for years and never had anything but great service. Neither Jason or I are impressed. So Verizon will be disconnected on Wednesday and we will have Comcast setup Friday! I'm very happy about this!

That's pretty much it, I believe the new truck should be ready by Thursday although Jason isn't happy with them either! HA! Apparently they called him yesterday and told him that the truck was in PA (which we knew) and they would be driving it down here. We were under the impression that it would be put on a truck and brought down therefore not to rack up the miles on what is a brand new truck. Apparently that is not the case and PA is 4 hours away and Jason is super unhappy that the truck will have a bunch of miles on it. I'm not sure exactly how many but none the less when we got to get it I'm sure he will make a fuss.

I'm really sorry if you popped in today looking for apartment pictures, it was my intention.

I will be honest the blog is going to not be as consistent this summer as it generally is. With the fact that we wont have internet for a couple of days again this week and that we will be going home for 2 weeks at the beginning of August but will be doing some traveling in that time I just wont have the internet access or time to sit down and write. However I will make sure to pop in every chance I get and fill you in on whats going on, share pictures of our adventures and hopefully get back to normal around here come the middle to end of August.

Summer is a hard time for bloggers, I have noticed my bloglovin account to be much quieter these days on account that bloggers like to enjoy the summer too and unfortunately during the nice weather posting falls a bit in priority ranking. Sometimes its just more important to live life and enjoy it than write about it.

Don't get me wrong I have no intention of abandoning this space all together, in fact I cant imagine but I wanted to make sure you all knew that things will be less than routine for awhile and daily posting will most likely not be the case.

I appreciate all of the time you all put in around here too, taking a part of your day to stop by my little part of the internet to check in and see what is going on, it really means a lot to me! I will see what I can do about pictures of the apartment tonight!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day and enjoying summer to the fullest! Sadly before we know it, its going to be over!

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