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New York Color BB Creme 5 in 1 Instant Matte Skin Perfector Review

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As I have mentioned before I have been in love with the Maybelline Dream Pure Skin Clearing Perfector BB Cream for quite some time now, but as my skin type has changed from the dryer side to the more oily side (so annoying) I have been finding that the Maybelline BB Cream just isn't working as well with the change in my skin so I needed to look for something else.

I was flipping through a magazine a couple of weeks ago and came across a picture of NYC cosmetics and amongst the goods was a picture of their 5 in 1 Instant Matte BB Creme, so I took a picture on my phone so I would remember to check it out! While we were home last week I grabbed it while at Target one day and have been using it since. I think I have used it enough to form a good opinion so I thought I would stop by and share it with you guys!

Now because I had only seen a picture in a magazine I was basing my interest on the fact that it was a BB cream which is what I wanted as well as the fact that it said 'instant matte' which is exactly what I need right now. Unless your skin is super dry I think the matte option is great for summer in general, unless you are really going for the super dewy look! 

When I picked it up in Target it said 5 in 1, which is referring to offer the following:

1. Provides instant mattifying coverage

2. Minimizes appearance of pores and lines

3. Beautifies & Smooths skin

4. Minimizes appearance of skin imperfections

5. Brightens skin tone for healthy, flawless complexion. 

I will say I absolutely agree with all of the above except maybe number two! I'm not sure it really minimizes my pores at all but 4 out of 5 isn't bad and if that is an issue for you there are definitely primers that will take care of pores that you can apply prior to the BB Cream. 

This product cost is $3.49 compared to the $7.49 for the Maybelline one that I have been using which is a plus considering I will definitely say I like this product better. If you have dry skin with dry patches this will definitely NOT work for you as it will cling to your dry patches no matter what. If you are interested in trying this product there is a regular option as well as a bronze radiance which will add a slight tan like tint to your skin. 

I really love this product, it absolutely brightens my skin while still leaving it completely matte. I am really impressed about how well it holds up in the hot summer weather, naturally nothing is going to hold up perfectly against extreme humidity but I am really impressed with how long it does last. Obviously an oil free primer as well as a setting spray will also help the length of time your makeup lasts. 

The product itself is thicker than a lot of BB Creams I have tried therefore a little goes a long way and I don't find that it looks cakey on your face by any means. In the past I have always applied my BB Creams just like I would a foundation, with a dense kabuki brush and buffing it in but I have been applying this one with my fingers (make sure to wash your hands first, so not to spread bacterial all over your face) rubbing it in like I would a moisturizer and I really like the way it applies. I think you could use a brush and it would give you a more sheer coverage then it already it but the product itself is buildable if you would prefer to use a brush and just add an extra layer. 

I am really happy with this purchase, I have tried quite a few BB Creams and always end up returning them because I don't like the way they apply, sit on the skin or couldn't find a good color match for my skin. I will say the color range for this product is limited which is a downfall, I am really fair and 01- light is a great match for me, but I highly recommend swatching it in stores before buying it to make sure it will work for you. 

All in all I highly recommend this, I don't know why when looking at makeup I always skip over the NYC section, but now that I know they have great products these are a few things I would consider picking up in the future:

You can purchase this in Tan which is matte or Radiance which would give you a sheen. 

This as well can be purchased in a variety of colors depending on your skin tone. 

This is a chubby stick cream eye shadow which I really love, I have recently been into cream products and I find they look a lot more natural and in the summer last longer! 

Have you tried anything from the brand NYC? If so what did you think?

Just a side note, we are heading home really early tomorrow morning! Today is Jason's last day of work here and then tomorrow morning we will be on the road again. We will only be there until Tuesday and I am hoping that between now and then I will be able to pop in and give y'all an update but if that doesn't happen there may be some down time on the blog until next week when we are settled and have internet and stuff again!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks as always for stopping in!

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