Monday, July 20, 2015

Here There and Everywhere! We've Moved Again!

Good Morning,

Long time no see right? I'm really sorry for the radio silence around here, I didn't know what would happen in the time of our whirlwind move but I didn't figure I would make it here very much and as it turned out I was right. Things were really hectic and we are only just getting internet and getting setup so I thought I would stop in today and fill you in best I can with all that has been going on!

So last we talked we were getting ready to leave New Jersey and head home for a short time before moving on to Maryland! Because we had just been home less than two weeks before it was nice that we didn't have a ton of stuff to do while we were there, or so I thought!

We left Jersey on the morning of the 10th I think.. everything is kind of a blur but I am pretty sure it was the 10th! We did really well with traffic getting home and were there are 2:30pm I believe. Obviously having not much time there we wanted to get home as early as we could on Friday to add another day basically. We dropped off all our stuff at the house and turned everything on and then figured we would get grocery shopping over with so we wouldn't have to go anywhere else for the day.

After we finished all of that I decided to unpack everything on account that I didn't want suitcases laying around the entire time we were home, I wanted it to actually feel like we lived there for awhile. Generally when we go home its not for long and the loft space upstairs is full of suitcases the whole time. While I unpacked Jason was out in the yard doing things, and at one point came in and hollered for me to come and check out a baby bunny in the backyard. I went out to see and soon realized it wasn't exactly playing in the yard, it was slumped up against the back fence. I freaked out and thought it was dead, I begged Jason to bury it! Long story short my amazing husband dug a whole in the back yard where I requested to bury said bunny and when he went to get it it amazingly perked up and ran away. Thank god. He had gotten so close to it before and tapped on the fence right beside it and it didn't move at all, turns out he was just a really deep sleeper!

Friday was really relaxed and it was so good to be home, we grilled and just enjoyed the day! Saturday we planned to look at trucks because we have been talking about getting a new one for quite some time. Little did I know this would turn into an all day event! We by no means found what we were looking for but none the less it was an interesting and informative day. By this time though we were both STARVING and felt disgusting at it was well over 100 degrees so we decided to stop at one of our favorite places for lunch, Jason's Deli.  On the way back from a late lunch we got a call from someone who wanted to buy our travel bed that we listed on Craigslist and were extremely happy to sell! They came and picked that up and we spent the afternoon puttering and just enjoying the day!

Sunday we needed to find a bed because we had sold ours and were moving and needed it. I really wanted to wait until we got to Maryland to look but Jason felt that we had already ordered the Uhaul and basically needed to fill it with a bed or all our stuff would bounce around on the trip. It made sense but mostly I didn't want to have to move the damn thing! We headed out first thing on Sunday and toured around a bit and long story short found a bed.

Jason really does his research! 

I feel like I don't even know how we spent the rest of the day on Sunday.. believe it or not the time we were there flew by as it always does. It was hot, we were busy and it was over before we knew it. 

Monday we had to pick up the Uhaul but we knew that once we had it we wouldn't be going anywhere else so we decided to have lunch at the Twisted Fork because we absolutely LOVE their food. 

Jason ordered these southern brined and crispy wings and let me just say.. they were amazing! 

I went specifically for the fried green tomato BLT and it did not disappoint! 

After that we picked up the Uhaul and spent the afternoon packing.. not fun at all. We had a bunch of leftovers for dinner which worked out really well and basically just relaxed before moving the next day. 

Tuesday morning flew by and we got on the road just before 10am. The drive ended up being just under 4 hours which was great and we arrived and filled out all the paperwork and started moving in. I cant tell you how thankful we are for Dave who came over after work and helped Jason unload the Uhaul, it was such an amazing help and made everything go so much quicker! We are on the second floor with no elevator and there was just absolutely no way I could have helped Jason bring up the bed or dresser! 

After we got things moved in Jason went to take back the Uhaul and it became very apparent that something was wrong with the truck. Long story short, worst timing ever but the exhaust had rusted out on the truck and was ready to fall off, it ended up going in the next day to have a whole new exhaust put on it.. not exactly what we were expecting. For the last week we have just been getting things situated, getting familiar with our surroundings and so on. 

I plan to do an apartment tour as it has pretty much come together, so stay tuned for that this week! 

Also yesterday we bought a new truck. I thought we were going to breakfast which we did.. but then we spent the afternoon at the dealership. More on that later as well, we get the truck early this week so I will make sure to share pictures and what not. 

Not much else to report, we went to Dave and Lindsey's for a BBQ Friday night which was really great, being on this job not only has us closer to home but closer to friends which is really great! 

Jason playing with Lily & Ava. 

Jason & Lily Swimming! 

I'm waiting on the Verizon guy to show up so I need to get some stuff done so I will leave you with some pictures from our walk the other night. I will do an apartment tour this week as well as fill y'all in on the new truck!! 

Thank you as always for stopping by, I hope you have been well and have a great day!! 

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  1. Looks like a nice place you've moved to! Enjoy! I look forward to seeing more photos!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I think its going to be really nice here!! I will definitely have more pictures coming this week!! Stay Tuned!!

  2. Sounds like you've surely moved to somewhere gorgeous. I'm a bit shocked that the UHaul was ready to turn up its toes (or, tyres) - I'd have thought they'd maintain them better than that!