Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday Ramblings...

Good Afternoon,

I was planning on doing a wordless Wednesday and just putting a bunch of random pictures I found in my camera roll of my phone from lately but I decided against it. However the rest of the week is going to be quiet around here so I thought I should stop in and say something! I may finish the book I am reading by tomorrow (doubtful) and write about it but who knows.

If I haven't mentioned it we are going home tomorrow for a long weekend, and let me just say it is MUCH needed. I am really over being here and I just want to go home for awhile. Sadly this job isn't actually over and we will be coming back for a few weeks but none the less its a welcome break! I booked dentist appointments for Friday morning which is great because we need to go but at the same time we aren't going to get in until probably really late on Thursday and our appointments are at 8am on Friday morning so we will have to leave just before 7:30am.. and if you know me at all you know I am NOT a morning person!

The week has been pretty boring, its SUPER hot and therefore we've been having the occasional thunderstorm or just rain. Truth be told they call for severe thunderstorms and then we get 10 minutes of rain and thunder and its over. I'm always so disappointed because I really love a good thunderstorm!

Anyways I just don't have much to say this week, I am having a really hard time falling asleep for some reason and I just feel tired this week. We have a few things planned while we are at home so maybe while we are there I will blog about it.

In the meantime.. if you have a minute hit up Starbucks and get yourself one of these...

I went into Starbucks the other day which I honestly rarely do anymore but I needed a peach green tea lemonade.. while I was in line this miserable woman in front of me was holding up the whole line and being extremely rude to the person taking her order, I had some time in front of the display case of goods and this gem caught my eye. Its a frappucino sugar cookie with chocolate on top. First can I just say.. the cookie is soft!!! I took a bite and I was seriously in heaven, so I saved it to share with Jason because it was too good not to! Trust me treat yo self and get one!!

Alright I am going to get some things done, I am pretty much packed to go home but I was to get some other stuff together that we will be taking because we brought way more stuff than we actually needed and I don't plan on being here much longer after we return! 

Ok I'm just rambling! Have a great rest of the week and weekend!!!

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