Thursday, July 30, 2015

100,000 Miles of Memories

Good Morning,

I have been talking about writing this post for such a long time and I honestly don't know why I haven't, but none the less I haven't and I thought it was about time. Everyone has been asking to see pictures of the new truck and although I don't have a ton of great ones I thought I would come and share what I did.

I won't lie in all our talks about buying a new truck which has been going on for quite some time now I had very mixed feelings, believe it or not I don't like change.. that may seem shocking to anyone who knows what our lifestyle is like but I really don't care for change and tend to struggle with it until I get settled. I didn't see why we had to get rid of the truck that we had, there was nothing wrong with it.

You see when Jason bought that truck when we were first together, I remember talking about it so much and thinking how awesome it was that he really cared about what I thought and liked. We spent lots of time reading about trucks, and going truck shopping and when he finally decided we took our first trip to Maine together to pick it up. It was such a happy time in our lives and relationship and since than that truck has been the only real consistent thing in our lives besides each other. We have driven that truck literally almost 100,000 miles, its been apart of every big journey in our life.

As I mentioned we've done a lot of truck shopping this time around as well, the last time we were home a good portion of our time at home was spent visiting dealerships. When we got the old truck Jason had been between the GMC and Ford and this time around he seemed pretty set on a Dodge Ram but Ford was never out of the question. Sadly Dodge changed the newer Rams and added a rotary shifter and neither of us were on board with that, in buying a new truck the only thing I wanted was a console shifter and heated seats, everything else was whatever Jason wanted. We started looking around and Jason wanted a 2013 Dodge Ram which was the last model to have the console shifter but he had a lot of other specifications as well and when we talked to sales people they either didn't call back at all or said he was looking for a needle in a haystack and would never find it. So Jason was out running around one day and came home and said there was a Ford we needed to stop in and look at. The truck was INCREDIBLE but the price tag was far too high, and there was a lot of things on the truck that we could have done without. So we figured we would just wait.

As I mentioned before the day we arrived in Maryland the exhaust we put on the truck many years ago rusted off basically, it definitely wasn't what we were expecting but none the less the truck has endured terrible conditions over the years (horrific winters in Alaska and Saskatchewan, horrific roads in New Jersey) and so we had no choice but to replace it. Jason was not impressed at all, we didn't want to put a bunch of money into the truck knowing we were going to get rid of it, plus he hates when things break and he had to rely on other to get to and from work.

The first Sunday we were here I believe we decided to go to breakfast and Jason mentioned running over to the Ford dealership on the way home. When we got there it turned into HOURS of talking and test driving and looking and looking and they found Jason the truck he wanted. We were sold and they said they were bringing it in from Pennsylvania and we could pick it up in a few days. As excited as I was for a new truck I was horrifically sad to get rid of the one that had been so good for us for so long. Jason went to work on Monday and emailed me and said talking to Dave at work about our truck made him really sad to get rid of it as well.

Jason got a call prior to the truck arriving and they told him that they were driving the truck from PA instead of putting it on a truck and bringing it down, Jason was not impressed at all. So we went on Wednesday to pick up the truck and it had just under 500 miles on it, Jason was so mad and we left! I'm not going to lie I wasn't impressed, I had spent the day preparing myself to get rid of our truck and I felt Jason was being unreasonable considering the amazing deal that we had gotten on the truck and it was absolutely everything we wanted.

Jason spent Wednesday night thinking and talking back and forth with the sales guy who was so extremely patient and Thursday he decided he wanted the truck. It was time to say goodbye to the old one....

Cleaning out the truck was really sad and after the long run around at the dealership and all the papers were signed getting the last few things out of it was really hard. In fact against my better judgement I offered to get the stuff while Jason finished on the phone with the insurance and he said he wanted one last look. Ha! We are both saps! I wont lie.. leaving was hard, 100,000 miles of memories. I know it was time, things were starting to go wrong and once a vehicle has 100,000 miles on it the trade in value decreases significantly and knowing we were going to get rid of it made this the perfect time.

So introducing the new guy.. who let me tell you has big shoes to fill!

The moon roof is literally the entire top of the truck! Only the first half open but at least the back seat has a view too. Believe it or not the seats in the back are heated as well. 

He's pretty... pretty tough looking! Haha 

The interior is my favorite part!

The truck is a 2015 Ford F150 Sport! It has the heated and cooled front seats and heated back seats, plus a heating steering wheel! Heck ya! 

Basically its fully loaded with navigation which we needed because Jason and our GPS have a hate hate relationship! I cant get over all the storage in the truck which is absolutely amazing, it has two tone leather seats, plain leather and perforated. The truck also has carbon fiber accents, I had originally wanted to the wood accents because they weren't your typical clear coated wood look but really rustic natural looking but that was the only thing that I compromised on and Jason absolutely loved the look of the carbon fiber. 

The truck has more options than I could even detail here, every single time we get into the truck we are discovering new things which is pretty cool. We are extremely grateful and excited for the new truck and the fact that we love it so much has made it a lot easier dealing with the loss of our old one. 

You can click HERE if you want to read more about the truck and see more interior pictures. I think the only difference for sure on ours from the fully loaded one online is that ours have 20" tires and rims rather than the 18" which is because I believe someone custom built this truck basically meaning changed a few things such as the tires and then didn't want it. We have the full 4 doors, which I cant remember what that is called as well, but the amount of room in the back seat still absolutely boggles my mind! 

One thing I will say is I don't know how I ever lived without a backup camera!

So there you have it, the new truck has officially been introduced, I will keep you posted as Jason transforms it! 

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