Friday, July 3, 2015

June 2015 - Visiting Home

Good Morning!!

So as you know my recent hiatus was on account that we went home for a much needed long weekend in the South. I honestly couldn't wait to get home and make the most of the time we had there, and although it didn't quite go as I had expected it was awesome!!

We left here Thursday afternoon and made decent time getting there, as usual the whole state of Virginia is a cluster screw of awful traffic.. I would absolutely never live there just because I could never cope with any kind of commute. I will say as a passenger I do a little better but its mostly because someone in the car has to be rational and when it comes to traffic it just isn't going to be Jason.

On the way home we witnessed the most amazing lightening storm I have probably ever seen! There was no rain or thunder, just a bunch of heat lightening that literally lit up the entire sky for over the last hour of our drive... it was unbelievable! When we arrived home the neighbors daughter was parked in front of our driveway and sadly we could just not get around her without destroying the grass. I hated to text at that time and truthfully it was my fault, I have said that she could park there and usually I give them a heads up as to when we will be home and this time I didn't do that. I felt so terrible, I didn't want to bother anyone and then they felt terrible that they had blocked us out. I mean it wasn't a big deal at all, I just really should have made sure to let them know we would be there.

I unloaded the truck while Jason got everything running in the house and then honestly we headed to bed pretty quickly as we had to be at the dentist at 8am the next morning. I know what you're thinking, why would I book 8am dentist appointments knowing that we would be getting in so late the night before, and the answer is simple.. it was Jason's idea. Jason is way more of an early bird than I am, in fact he is a morning person and I absolutely AM NOT so he figured if we just got it out of the way then we could get on with our day and make the most of our time there. He talked me into it and I booked the appointments.

We arrived just before 8am, I had all of our paperwork filled out as we have never been to this dentist before and didn't have to wait long. Long story short I have had one filling since I was like 8 years old and its been needing a crown, I have been avoiding it mostly because it has never actually bothered me but this time I wasn't really given much of a choice, it needed to be done! With our schedule and how long we are ever in town they pretty much talked me into doing it then and there. I wasn't exactly for it, I talked to Jason and he said just do it because we didn't have anything important planned and when else would we have the chance? So he took off to do things that he wanted to get done and I stayed at the dentist until 3:30pm (yes I was there from 8am until 3:30pm!!!!) for what turned out to be a root canal and crown. Ugh!

It was an extremely LONG and painful day, I really don't do well with any kind of dental work and it was absolutely MISERABLE! Not to mention I was running late that morning and ended up eating a granola bar running out the door for breakfast and that's all I had all day!! Then when I was done my face was frozen and I couldn't eat so when Jason picked me up we went straight across the street to the grocery store for yogurt and a fruit smoothie!

After that our running around commenced, we are looking for a few things for the house which sadly we were unsuccessful in finding and stopped at MAC for me to get the new coconut scents Fix +. Guys if you use Fix+ or any kind of setting spray for your makeup I highly recommend picking these up. They also brought out other scents, Rose, Cucumber, Coconut, Lavender and I believe there is another one. They are limited edition so run!

We had planned to go The Pit for dinner because we wanted BBQ and the place is incredible but I was really anxious on account that the freezing was coming out of my mouth and it wasn't pleasant!! None the less I ordered a big plate and figured worse case I could just take it home! It was amazing, but it was definitely a bunch of LITTLE bites and I took a lot of it home. Seriously though if you are ever in the Raleigh area and are looking for amazing, authentic BBQ.. this is the place to go!

The night definitely ended on a better note than the day, that's for sure!

Spot the rainbow?

Before going home we had purchased a dresser at Ikea for my closet. I have a lot of stuff to say the least and basically I needed somewhere to put it and so it would be organized. Truth be told it hasn't been organized and therefore I don't utilize as much of it as I would like because its not right in front of me. God love Jason he put it together and in my closet Saturday morning which sparked a afternoon of cleaning, decluttering, organizing and it felt GREAT!!! I have a TON of stuff to donate when we go home and the stuff that I kept is now organized and easily accessible! 

My not so everyday makeup is now basically organized into bins in my new dresser.. 
Bin 1 - Face. Bin 2 - Eyes. Bin 3 - Hair. Bin 4 - Lips. 
Love it! 

Saturday night we grilled outside which was fantastic and went to bed early. Its great just being at home and enjoying the simple things. I honestly don't pick up my phone much at all when we are home, I feel so content and happy to just be there! I feel like Saturday we definitely got a ton accomplished around the house, me inside and Jason outside! 

Sunday we made breakfast and just enjoyed the day! The weather was absolutely PERFECT all day, I sat and read outside and Jason puttered around outside. We grilled dinner again and Sunday night we (Me, Jason fell asleep) watched Gone Girl. I read the book quite awhile ago and have been dying to see the movie, it wasn't as good as the book (the movie never is) but it was GOOD! I totally recommend seeing the movie if you are not a reader because it was amazing. Its so twisted and screwed up and although the book gets into it a little more the movie is pretty epic! 

Monday came all too fast, as it always does. We had decided not to leave until later in the afternoon to try and avoid the horrific traffic we always encounter. We super cleaned the house and packed up, making the most of the day as we could and then hit the road just before 3:00pm. Thankfully we literally missed all the traffic and it was smooth sailing the entire way back! That was definitely a nice turn of events, it makes traveling a lot nicer! We still got back late but we would have gotten back at the same time regardless so I would rather leave later and enjoy more time at home than sit in traffic! 

Sadly Tuesday turned out to be a really crappy day! We had figured we were coming back here for about 3 weeks and then looking at a month off before heading to Maryland. In fact we talked in depth about it while we were at home about all the things we wanted to do on our time off. Well Tuesday Jason told me he was told we would be leaving here next Thursday or Friday and would have to be in Maryland the following week... no time off. I'm not going to lie I have cried a lot, and beyond my control I am going into this next job already hating it! I just wanted some time at home.. I wanted to do the things we had planned after being stuck here for over a year. So basically that's why I haven't been around because I have been in a STATE about the whole thing. 

I think we have chosen an apartment and we have sent in the paperwork so we will see what happens there. I still don't want to talk about it! I will keep you all posted though as things start to progress but basically we will be leaving here next week Thursday or Friday. 

So that is what has been going on with us, it was so wonderful to be at home longer than a day or two.. I guess I enjoyed it while I could because the hope of doing it again just went out the freakin' window! 

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend! Happy 4th of July!! I hope you enjoy beers, BBQ's and Fireworks! Be safe!! God Bless America!!!

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  1. Lord but that dinner in Raleigh looks good. I'm hungry just from looking at the pictures! And, great to read a good long update: I do enjoy your blog!

  2. Thanks Stephen!! :) The dinner truly was fabulous.. I am looking forward to having it again really soon!!

  3. That seemed like a very eventful day for you, Nicole. I guess that’s alright, since you seemed to have accomplished quite a few things there – particularly with your teeth. I think that the morning schedule worked really well for you. It’s a good thing you’ve decided to resolve these dental matters early and quickly, so that you can move on with the rest of the day's activities. Have a nice day!

    Merle Wells @ Gillum Dentistry

    1. Thank you Merle! Definitely taking care of dental work is important, just as regular cleanings are! I am happy to have everything taken care of that's for sure!