Monday, August 3, 2015

Quick Update

Good Evening!

Its very rare that I blog later in the evening, especially with the intention of actually posting it right when I finished but lets be honest there has been no rhyme or reason to posting lately as it has been all over the place!

I just wanted to pop in and say I hope you all had a great weekend! We made it home Friday night, sadly later than we had hoped! It took us a little longer to get everything in the truck (at the time we had no tonneau cover so in bringing all the totes home they needed to be strapped in the back) and once we got on the road we learned very quickly getting out of Maryland was going to be a NIGHTMARE, good lord there are lights literally every 5 feet I swear which just messes with traffic in the absolutely WORST way! Then naturally we got to Virginia which is always a cluster screw, I suppose it could have been worse being a Friday night in the summer, once we got past Virginia Beach it really wasn't absolutely awful. North Carolina however is repaving EVERYWHERE and therefore everything is down to one lane and there are always those jerks who wait to merge until THE VERY LAST SECOND, I never let them in... I would honestly let them hit my car because I let them it.. get over when you have the chance, don't try and get ahead of everyone else.. you're an asshole.

Either way we made it home, unpacked the truck and chatted with James (the neighbor) for awhile as he checked out the new truck. Sadly James wanted to share a recent video with us from his exterior home camera. Not kidding guys the last two times we have come home James has had videos of people breaking into cars in our cul de sac, specifically his! Last time I guess the doors had been open and two young guys rummaged through two of their cars and this time some half naked guy was trying to get into them, right in the drive way!!! The motion light went off and I guess he saw the sign that said "you are on camera" and he took off. I know crime happens every where but it definitely doesn't leave a good feeling knowing its happening often and literally right next door.

We've only been here since Friday night but already I feel like our time is flying by, the hazard of never really being here I guess. We've been doing a bunch of running around. Jason got a new tool box for the garage which if you didn't know are CRAZY heavy and getting it out of the back of the truck was interesting, then we also got a tonneau cover for the new truck so that was put on yesterday.

The weekend weather was absolutely PERFECT.. did I mention that? It was in the high 90s but absolutely no humidity which makes all the difference in the world! It was glorious! So much so that I decided to indulge in a few too many beers yesterday afternoon, and I went to bed at 8:30pm.. this is why I don't drink!

Because our days our busy and out in the hot sun we are generally ready to relax come dark, so we decided to get Hulu Plus and started watching Sons of Anarchy at night before bed. I have heard absolutely everyone rave about this show but we have never seen it before, we knew we wanted to start a series and so when I saw Sons of Anarchy I knew that would be the one. Saturday Jason fell asleep at the beginning of season one episode 2 and last night I was in bed early so tonight we will continue on with Season 1 episode 3.

Today we both has dental work done.. I tell ya, I hate the dentist! They were late getting me in.. 40 minutes late which does not impress me but at least its over with. We got our Alaska picture framed last time we were home and picked it up yesterday and hung it today.. I have pictures on my phone but its upstairs charging so I will show you them later. Jason is out in the truck on the phone with Ford messing with the garage door opener trying to program the truck and having no luck and I am going to head to the shower and get ready for the show.

I know our life at home is like vacation and maybe that's part of why its so great to me, but being here I just feel so much happier than anywhere else, so much more comfortable. I know that after spending two weeks here its going to be really hard to go back, but knowing we will get to visit more being so close will help.

I hope you are all well, thank you for stopping by! I am going to try and get here as much as I can over the next two weeks with a few posts, probably some like this and hopefully others as well!!

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