Friday, December 5, 2014

High Five for Friday 12.5.14

Hi guys,

I am writing this in the morning but I might need to run out to the post office which means I probably won't finish and will have to post this in the afternoon, which mean a greeting of "Good Morning" wouldn't make much sense would it. So I thought I would be safe.. just in case.

Lets dive in to the highlights of my week shall we?

1. Since last Friday we still had two days at home and let me tell you they were awesome! I would give anything to go back home, or to have stayed but we just had too much going on this week to do so! The first week back from being home is always the hardest but all I can do now is look forward to being able to go back! As soon as Christmas is over I will be on a count down, probably until we get the hell out of here period.. but none the less!!

2. Monday we decorated our Christmas tree and put up our stockings! This is generally something we do over the Thanksgiving weekend but we weren't here. Monday I went out and picked up the last of the decorations we needed for our tree and when Jason got home we got to decorating. We look forward to this every year, we make popcorn and hot chocolate, put on a Christmas movie or Christmas music and basically drag it out as long as possible! We really love Christmas around here, although we are not at home with all of our decorations and ornaments I am not disappointed with how things turned out!

3. Tuesday I spent the afternoon with Tanya and her parents! I absolutely love her Mom and sadly haven't seen her since we were in New York so I was really excited to get to spend some time with her. We just toured around, had coffee and did some shopping! It was great to hear about their trip and what they have been up to! I cant believe we never took a picture together though.. she's probably going to have to come back so we can do so! - Tanya.. make sure you tell her.

4. Tuesday night Jason and I headed into the city for an early anniversary night on the town! We went to dinner and then to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall and it was absolutely amazing!!! We so thoroughly enjoyed the show, and somehow we picked tickets on a night that they gave out free Santa hats and naturally Jason wore his all night, including the entire way home!! Minus the rain we had a really fantastic night, if you are in the city around Christmas time I highly recommend seeing the show!!

5. Yesterday was our actual anniversary, we have officially been married for 4 years which seems crazy! I already did the mushy thing yesterday so I won't do that again, however I will tell you about the dinner I made last night. Because we went out on Tuesday night and we ate out a lot while we were at home I thought I would make a big dinner last night instead of going out, we have been really busy it seems since we got back so I was looking forward to a night in! I didn't really know what I was going to make until I got to the grocery store! Jason has a few favorite foods and I think I totally hit my mark with what I picked!! I made a bacon wrapped garlic and rosemary pork loin, twice baked potatoes, roasted asparagus and rolls! For dessert we had a cookies and cream mousse cake! Too die for!

I feel the need to share photos...

I've never actually cooked a pork loin like this but let me tell you it was SUPER easy!!!

I wish I had a better picture of how this turned out, it was totally picture worthy!! I was quite impressed with myself!

Jason was pretty excited when he got home!

Now this thing, as good as it looks!! We thoroughly enjoyed it!!! 

So that is my scoop for the week that has just passed! I guess I managed to get it all done before I have to go out so because I didn't say it earlier.. GOOD MORNING!! I need to get ready so I can head to the post office to send out Christmas parcels, let me tell you I am not looking forward to getting these parcels there nor am I looking forward to dealing with sending them or the inevitable price of sending them.. but in the spirit of Christmas I am looking forward to them being on their way and having more room in the apartment!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and will have a fabulous weekend ahead! Jason is working tomorrow and we don't have a lot planned for Sunday, probably just football which is good in my books! 

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  1. Nicole, the dinner you made looks fantastic and I am sure it was delicious. What a fantastic dessert ! You have outdone yourself .

  2. Thanks Steve, dinner turned out better than I thought and it was absolutely delicious!! The dessert was better than I thought, we still have some in the fridge it was so rich!! Sometimes a quite night in is definitely better than a fancy night out!