Monday, June 30, 2014

Fireworks, with the BEST view in the house!

Didn't think the answer would come so quickly did you? I kind of left you hanging on the last blog but it was for two reasons, one being that the last post was already picture heavy and two because I am not sure uploading the video I have will work and I spent a lot of time on the last post and therefore I didn't want to risk losing it screwing with things I'm not sure will even work.

SO! Last night we were laying in bed and all the sudden this unbelievable racket started.. Jason and I went out on the balcony only to see that they were putting on a huge fireworks show in NewYork, but right on the Hudson so we had a front seat view! I didn't know they were planning on doing it, and I am going to assume it for was Pride weekend because I'm not sure what else was going on in the city this weekend to warrant a fireworks display like that!

Naturally if you know Jason at all you know that he LOVES a good fireworks display and therefore we threw on some decent clothes and ran downstairs to check it out close up!

Again with the grainy iPhone pictures! In my defense I literally had two second to throw on clothes and run downstairs! I wasn't even fast enough for Jason to wait for me.. I couldn't dig out the camera that is potentially dead anyways.. I just couldn't.

That damn light was totally in my way!

So as I mentioned Jason ran down before me.. which I didn't mind.. who am I to stand between him and his beloved fireworks? Its really funny how much he thoroughly enjoys them! Anyways I was in the elevator on my way down and there was a woman and her little girl in the elevator with me. The woman was holding this little girl on her hip and they were talking about the fireworks. All the sudden the little girl started making a fuss and then GUSH.. she peed everywhere! I almost died! The poor mother was mortified and quickly opened the elevator door and ran out.. I didn't know what to do.. I mean did that really just happen?

Now here is the big question.. can I get the video I took to upload here.. I don't know because I have never had luck with uploading anything but pictures but I am sure going to give it a whirl because I think it is worth sharing!

I would also like some bonus points for two blogs in one day! You can take it away if I cant get the video to work, and if I don't then I will do some reading as to how its done!

Happy Monday!!

I think it worked!! Who knew it was so easy!!! ENJOY!

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