Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Importance of Unplugging

Happy Thursday!!

This week is almost over.. HECK YA! I feel like that about most weeks I'm not going to lie.. I know.. blah blah stop wishing your life away. I cant, I want to go home! Having said Happy Thursday though it is raining.. but looking on the bright side of things Tanya and I visited Victoria's Secrets semi annual sale and a bra that would usually cost me $60+ cost me $19.00... I call that WINNING!

I am trying to be better about blogging so I figured I would stop in today and chat away about how important I think it is to put your phone down every once in awhile and unplug! I know you are all gasping at the thought of it but let me explain.

Jason often says that I am addicted to social media because he thinks I spend a lot of time on my phone, I however STRONGLY disagree! First of all I would say I am anything but addicted so social media considering I don't really have much of it. I have never had twitter and honestly never will.. its just not an interest of mine. I got rid of Facebook before New Years and I could not be happier with my decision, it was all drama and crap and in the end I hated it more then I wanted to go on and check things out.. gone! I don't have Keek, Snapchat, or any of those other social message, picture things. Honestly those are the only two I even know about. I have Pinterest, Instagram and this here blog. Social Media obsessed? I think not!

Truth is I am more addicted to my phone then anything else, my email is on there, all my contacts, being away from everyone all the time its my basic means of communication with anyone and everyone. I play games, check everything that relates to the house (a little obsessively) and can read books. A good portion of my life is on that pretty little piece of technology and that's why I may tend to have it in my hand, a lot.

I think we are all guilty of this to an extent, when you are bored you whip out your phone and check your social media accounts, play a game.. whatever. I blame the iPhone... its got everything we need, or I guess whatever other phone you might have.. and really you people should just give in and get an iPhone.

I think its habit more than anything else, we rely on having something to amuse us, entertain us and the idea of not having that is scary! So why not challenge ourselves? 

Since Jason has started mentioning that he noticed I was on my phone all the time I decided to try and be aware of it. Jason works a lot and I would hate to think that I squander our time when I have it, more so I would hate to think that he feels like our time together is not important to me.. because it is, more than anything else. So I made myself aware, and I've made changes and I feel like I am all the better for it. 

When Jason and I go out on the weekends I wont look at my phone a million times, really what is so important? At night if we leave the apartment, to go to the grocery store, for a walk.. whatever.. I don't even take my phone, what could I possibly need it for? At night in bed it the hardest time for me to put it away, that's when I most enjoy pinning, or playing a game because there isn't much on TV or Jason is watching something I don't care for. But I limit my time.. I don't charge my phone all day therefore by the time I am ready for bed I have about 10% battery life left and that doesn't go far! When the battery is dead, its dead and although the charger is plugged in right there beside me.. times up! 

Sometimes its really refreshing to just unplug and see the world around you and not through the screen on your phone! When we vacation we tend to turn off our phones and let it be just us and I love nothing more. Once you break the routine it doesn't seem as necessary, as important as the things right here in front of you. 

Try it sometime, put your phone away for the day.. don't sign onto Facebook, ignore twitter and whatever else you tend to do on your phone.. you might just find it refreshing! 

This post really isn't a judgement, if you spend all your time on your phone then do your thing! Be aware of it though, don't make the people around you feel like they are irrelevant or boring because although you are with them you are on your phone. When Jason told me that I was on my phone all the time and didn't pay attention to him (which I assure you is not the case) although I knew he was kidding around I actually felt really bad. Nothing on my phone is important enough to ignore someone in front of me, and being made aware of that was a great thing for me. 

I am now going to make dinner, fold the rest of my laundry and read this fabulous book I am into. Jason and I are going grocery shopping tonight because I absolutely REFUSE to step foot in any store around this freaking place on a weekend because the little patience I have go straight out the window! 

I have super high hopes that the weather here for the next few days wont change anymore because it is now officially looking up! I hope y'all are looking at some hot summer weather for the weekend as well. 

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