Saturday, June 28, 2014

Unplugged? (Because I was at Carlos Bake Shop)

Ha! I know what you're thinking.. I took that unplugging thing pretty seriously right? I haven't been around in about a week! I honestly thought about getting here and I spent more time at home then usual but I just really had nothing to say.

In my defense I will say it seems to be a thing around the blogging community, now that summer has arrived everyone seems to blog a little less and enjoy the weather a little more.. and really who can blame us? Everyone is always so excited for summer and although I seem to have been having summer before I went to Peru I am still very much enjoying the weather.

Anyways I thought I would come by and say first, I have challenged myself to blog everyday this week.. which I will stick to until probably about Thursday when we go home and wont have wifi! Jason will work on Wednesday and then come home and we will have a light dinner and go to bed because we plan to get up and be out the door by 2am so we can be home no later then 10am! I can't even tell you how excited I am to be going home, there are no words. Having said that when I talk about having to leave I cry already. This week my home sickness was probably the worst it has ever been, ever! Thursday morning I sat on the couch sobbing just wishing I could go home, I don't know how to shake it. I don't really like it here, I miss home and everything there.. I have good days but its always there.. I have to somehow get over it.

Moving on.. I will try and blog while we are home when I get a chance. We are heading back here Monday afternoon and will be back sometime Monday night depending on traffic and what time we leave, we haven'd made all those plans just yet.

Last weekend we went out with Josh and Tanya and a few other guys Jason works with! We met Josh and Tanya for a late lunch in Hoboken at the Wicked Wolf and then decided to go for another drink somewhere else, that turned into walking home at 3am and Jason spending the whole next day in bed! I cant even tell you the last time we went out drinking and dancing.. Alaska maybe? We just never do it, it was really nice for a change to get out and let loose!

So I thought I would stop by and drop some photos and fill you guys in! Like I said it is my intention to blog at least until Thursday this week and we will see what happens from there! I know I need to work on being around more, I guess I just go in spurts and sometimes have stuff to say and sometimes I don't.

Clear sky's were hard to come by this week so I made sure to document it. 

This is a cute little entrance way where the NY water taxi docks at the Hoboken train station. Its been closed since we got here, not sure what that's all about. 

Before meeting Josh & Tanya for lunch last weekend we walked all along the boardwalk in Hoboken. We live up by the Freedom Tower and as you walk towards Hoboken you get closer to the Empire State Building and such, as seen above. 

After leaving lunch we ended up at the Scotland Yard in Hoboken where Jason and Josh played some darts. 

No caption needed. 

Tanya and I at Bahama Mama I believe.. 

Last Sunday I was feeling absolutely FINE so I decided to make myself a little pizza for dinner.. my hubby was still in bed at this point for the activities the night before. 

My parents sent a parcel and we got it this week, inside was a really nice card from my Momma!

I pushed myself at the gym at the beginning of the week and paid for it for the rest of the week. I have bad hips and sometimes I can go forever and be fine and sometimes I have a lot of trouble, this week wasn't a good week. I woke up Wednesday I believe and literally couldn't move. I was in so much pain, both hips and my back that I could barely move. Not to mention every time I bent over my left hip would pop right out of place. A few days of constant use of the heating pad, tons of advil and no gym time I am just a little sore but on the mend. #oldbeforemytime

Jason had a rough day at work I guess! He came home, put his gym clothes on and said he was going to lay down for a minute... two minutes later he was snoring!

CAKE BOSS! I really didn't spend all week here! Friday night Jason and I met up with Josh and Tanya and walked into Hoboken to check out Carlos Bake Shop! Jason has been dying to try their cannolis and every time we have been down there we either missed it time wise or there was a huge line. Friday night we planned to go down there and go figure there was a great big line! Either way we stood in line and finally got in. 

Check out that cannoli cake!

The place was super busy!

As you are entering the store the gentlemen at the door hand you a ticket with a number on it, when your number is called you find the person calling your number and give them your order. Jason and I got 4 cannolis (Jason) a white chocolate covered strawberry, a chocolate peanut butter cupcake, a caramel cupcake and a chocolate brownie. On the way out of there Jason was already digging into the cannoli box and inhaled on before we were even down the street! We then both ate our cupcakes on the walk home. I got the caramel one and really enjoyed it! I am a huge fan of light whipped frosting where as Jason was not so he was a little less impressed but they were truly fantastic. Having said that, as much as I am not much of a chocolate fan.. we shared the brownie tonight and it was AMAZING! Because of my waistline though I don't seem myself going back anytime soon.. but I like knowing its there. 

The walk home was gorgeous, must love a good sunset!

I also noticed while walking home that these glass pieces that separate the Hoboken train station from the board walk are etched with pictures... they are pretty amazing!

The sunset only got better as the night went on. On the way to Carlos Tanya realized she had left the roast in the crockpot on high and feared it would be dust, so on the way home the guys went to get seats at a local place and watch some of the Red Sox, Yankees came and we went to make sure the apartment didn't burn down before meeting them. We had a drink and watched some of the game before heading home. 

I wish I had my camera because everything was lit up so beautifully on the way home. I couldn't even get a half decent picture of the Empire State building that I could see so clearly and was GORGEOUS! It was all lit up with the colors of the pride flag for pride weekend and it was amazing! I need to carry my camera once in awhile! 

So I think that catches us up. We really didn't do much today.. we were kind of lazy but I guess a day like that every once in awhile never hurts. We just finished dinner and are thinking about heading for a walk when it gets darker. I was telling Jason that the Colgate clock that is just a ways down from us on the boardwalk (I believe I have posted a picture of it from the day Tanya and I went out for a walk) is actually the largest clock in the world and is all lit up at night, so we thought we would go check it out and walk off this brownie! 

Right now we are watching the Red Sox vs the Yankees on TV and just hanging out.. a nice little Saturday night if I do say so myself! We don't have much planned for this weekend so I plan to be around tomorrow as well with something.. I have a notebook strictly dedicated to blog ideas and what not and I think its time I put it to good use! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying your weekend! (Especially those of you who are celebrating Canada Day!) 

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  1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Now I'm hungry!! LOL Just wanted to wish you happy Canada Day, though you are not in Canada. I also hope you have a great trip home. Take some photos all over your house then when you miss it, you can look at them (or will that make it worse)? Also wanted to say it looks like you have cute little feet like me!

  2. Haha Cathy I don't doubt that at all, that's the perfect time to head to the bake shop! Happy Canada Day to you as well!! Its weird how it fell this year, hopefully most people took Monday off and are getting an extra long weekend! Thank you for the well wishes for our trip.. I am beyond anxious! I don't actually need to take pictures at home I can go on my phone and click on my camera and zoom around in the house.. but I truthfully find that makes its harder. I'm having a hard time and I just dont know what is going to fix that! Haha its funny you say that about my feet.. I HATE feet and use to never wear flip flops because I thought my feet were awful.. haha so thanks! Hope all is well.. been thinking lots about your trip to NC and am so excited to hear all your planning!