Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cheat Post

So I came around yesterday and said that I was going to blog everyday this week.. including today. This is when I thought I would most likely sit around the apartment most of the day today and maybe lay around the pool, that did not happen.

Last night I blogged and right after Jason said, lets go for a walk. So about 8:45pm we headed out the door. I wish I would have taken my camera (which I finally found the charger to today, and it was in the truck this whole time!!) because it was a fantastic night. I thought I would tell you all about that today until Jason came in this morning from the gym and asked if we were going to Fort Wadsworth? We had talked about it but never mentioned going this weekend so I was shocked but jumped up to get ready and head out the door.

I'm not going to lie the battery is going to die on the laptop so I am going to give you some crappy iPhone pictures from last night.. They are so grainy I cant even handle it but I still think they are worth seeing and I promise to take my actual camera out the next time we go for a walk at night. I know I could fine the charger but I am in bed and don't want to get up and go and get it.. and I really feel like I need to go to sleep. Having said that I can wait to chronicle our day today on the blog for you tomorrow!!

Let the record show.. I showed up here today and let these pictures be proof!

See... terribly grainy but kinda worth seeing!

We had some company on our walk last night.. this couple in front of us were getting so close and I wanted to warn that lady getting bit by a goose hurts!

iPhone pictures suck. Those babies grew so fast!

This is what I wanted you all to see the other night! The Empire State building looks so good lit up!

The Colgate Clock.. Pinterest says its the largest clock in the world! See HERE.

This is a really crappy picture but if you look out in the middle you can see Lady Liberty with her flame lit bright! Somehow we have better views living in New Jersey then we did in New York!

So I cheated basically, this isn't really the post I promised and the pictures are HORRID but I will make up for it tomorrow. I would like to just say that I made the effort to get here and that has to count for something. 

I will leave you with this.. the other day I was reading Lil Blue Boo blog, she and her family have recently relocated to the smokey mountains in North Carolina and she mentioned this quote she found in a magazine originally from 1919 republished in Smokies Life Magazine recently:

First I came here for health's sake and peace of mind. The grand old hills and forests gave me both. I return to them a fond affection. 

Then I got liking the people. They are plain, honest, brave and independent folk. They are pure Americans, with true American ideals. They are hospitable, with genuine good will, and not for the sake of gain. They judge a man from his own deeds and bearing; not from his pocket book or family tree. 

Towns are few and small.Outside of them people are quaintly old fashion, with ideas of their own, not borrowed ones. They are original these mountaineers; nearly everyone is a character. 

- Horace Kephart, published in All Outdoors Magazine. October 1919

It just struck me as the kind of people you would meet and love in North Carolina.. the kind of quaint towns you find there.. and you know I never pass up an opportunity to talk about home!

Hope you all had a great weekend.. I definitely did!

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