Saturday, June 14, 2014


Well folks, have a seat because you aren't going to believe this one! I had a good freakin' day here! I know.. crazy right? Truth be told it wasn't really here, we drove to the shore today.. but whatever it was a good day!

Part of the reason I am having a hard time here is because of the adjustment of super city life again, which if you know me at all you would have thought that would have been the selling feature for me moving here, guess what.. I thought so too. As I have said before I absolutely loved my New York life but somehow knew it would be different this time. I miss being able to get into the truck and go where ever I want without sitting in hours of traffic, believe it or not.. I miss being surrounded by trees! I know, you're wondering if Jason took over my blog, negative!

I surprised myself today in feeling the breath of fresh air it was to get out of the city! We took off early this morning, windows down, music up.. front seat dance party before noon! We arrived at Point Pleasant before lunch and hit the beach! Now of course not everything could go smoothly, I forgot the camera! So you're going to have to deal with grainy iPhone pictures!

This was some bridge we crossed going into Point Pleasant, there were a TON of boats out today! I think Jason may have sold me on buying one. 

The area surrounding the beach was really gorgeous as well, this was a small lake just off the beach. 

The beach was packed, which means New Jersey is making a killing! It was $15 to park and $19 for the two of us to get on the beach! LUDICROUS! I guess its because of the upkeep, but I can't say we have ever paid to be on a beach. 

We walked the beach to find a good spot to find out and soon realized we would not be going in the water! The waves were CRAZY and the water was freezing cold! It was a beautiful day to lay out though, the sun was out but there was a little bit of a breeze, perfect beach weather. 

It was also pretty obvious pretty quickly that entering the water would most certainly end with your bathing suit full of seaweed. No thank you.

The water was beautiful though!

I think they seriously considered it... but come on, they wouldn't have stayed on their feet. 

Naturally after laying out on the beach and not having had breakfast it was time to find a spot that had food and frozen drinks! We walked to the opposite end of the beach and then back towards the boardwalk and went into the first beach side place we came to. I was starving by that point and if Jason learned anything from last weekend it was that I am not super nice when I am that hungry! We ordered fruity drinks to start!

Ain't that just so pretty?

Then the band came on so we had beers! During this time we also had lunch which was great.. but the beers were better! The band they had playing was out of Pennsylvania and they were amazing, we could have sat there all day and trust me we considered it but our parking ticket was going to run out! As we were sitting there though I was looking at the sign and asked Jason if he remembered seeing it anywhere we had been before because it sounded so familiar to me. He didn't think so, but then it hit me.. Its from JERSEY SHORE.. the show!!! I wasn't really in to the show but I knew this much at least!

Remember? The place was pretty awesome truth be told! It was absolutely huge, outdoor seating overlooked the beach and the indoor seating was all open. They had 4 bars around and a huge stage and dance floor. They actually get some pretty big name performers there as well. 

After we left there we walked to the other end of the boardwalk then back to the truck. You see the traffic here isn't all that fantastic on a good day we really didn't want to sit in a parking lot coming back like we just barely avoided this morning. We listened to music and sang at the top of our lungs the entire way home.. it was FANTASTIC! 

Although the view it great, I couldn't help but wish we were driving south! I want to sit on the deck and listen to music, sleep in my king size bed so Jason's elbow isn't in my face every time I turn around. I want beer to be cheaper and the weather to be hotter.. but I had a great day today and I will take it. 

We got home to some kind of horrific windstorm! I truly don't know what it going on but I got out of the truck and almost blew into the Hudson! We managed to get into the building but let me tell you it was a close one. We came in and lazed around for awhile before getting ready to head to dinner. 

Last week one night we went for a walk and came across this place called Bertucci's, its brick oven pizza and pasta.. straight up good Italian food! We knew we would be back in time to have dinner in the city and thought we would give it a try. We had a favorite place in Alaska called the Fire Tap Alehouse  and we both loved it, Jason for their calzones and he thought the Bertucci's menu was very similar. We walked over there and I kid you not almost froze to death.. OK me more then him but you get what I'm sayin'! The food was amazing, we have already decided what we are going to get next time we go back! Its literally 3 blocks away so I think that will be soon!!

Anyways Jason's old so although its 8:30pm he's in bed! I am doing laundry, washing bras and going to finish reading Rolling Stone. Aren't we so exciting? We don't have much planned for tomorrow, its suppose to be super nice and after having such a shitty week of weather we are thinking about grilling and laying out by the pool. 

I am really keeping my hopes up to have some nice weather next week let me tell you, Monday is looking to be good so far so I am going to hold onto that! 

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!


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