Monday, June 2, 2014

I Hate Socks.

Going to the gym every morning requires me putting on socks and I HATE socks! Socks me winter, they mean cold.. or they mean sweating in your running shoes.. all bad in my books!

Its quite warm today which I am super excited about, I got up this morning and headed to the gym and good lord did I sweat! They turned the air conditioning on in the building this weekend but apparently they forgot the gym! I sweat, sweat and sweat some more all while wishing I could be running in my flip flops, but that probably wouldn't work. Having said that I do believe it would be quite entertaining for those around me.. or annoying.. either way.

So this weekend Jason and I headed into Manhattan!! I really thought this was going to be the turning point in how I felt about being back North and more so being stuck here for the next year. NEGATIVE! I swear I went in with the best possible attitude, I was super excited to get there and just explore.. I thought I would get off the subway, walk out onto the street and breathe a big sigh of relief. Well...

First off I will say the subway ride seemed endless and hot. I was very confused why on a warm Saturday afternoon the air wasn't on in the subway.. it was seriously sweltering. We arrived at 33rd street and came up to nothing but construction!! The whole city is under construction worse then I have ever seen it! With less space to disperse and the same amount of people getting around was extremely difficult. I will attribute part of that to Jason being a slow walker which is just the worse idea in Manhattan anytime!

I should have anticipated Jason wouldn't have wanted to shop, but I guess that's what I did a lot of when we use to live there, so without that I found myself a little lost as to what we were going to do. We toured around for a really long time and then decided to get lunch at a Dallas BBQ place just off from Time Square... it was incredible!

Must love the original Macy's.

I saw this guy and cracked up.. When Mom and Barb came to visit Barb dressed up for a picture with this guy and it was amazing! 

Much needed Pina Colada 

Famous chicken wings.. they were pretty good!

While at lunch we realized it was pouring rain out! Not something we were expecting, but thankfully by the time we were finished the rain had stopped. We headed towards Bryant Park in hopes that the rain was over and we could enjoy the beautiful park! Jason had to use the men's room so I took that opportunity to take a few pictures, of course. 

The park is so beautiful, it always amazes me that in the middle of the city sits this beautiful little park so lush and green! There is a fountain and a carousel, the most perfect little spot. However we did not get to enjoy it on account that it started to rain, hard! 

We decided to check out a few stores in hopes of the rain subsiding! There are a few places Jason really likes in the city and so we made sure to hit those!

I somehow managed to prevent this from coming home with us!

I won't lie not only did we get rained on, we saw 5 naked women (apparently its a new thing in New York?), the naked cowboy, 2 VERY LARGE snakes and some guy said the F word to me. Now if you know me at all you know I have a mouth like a trucker but I was so shocked an offended. I said "No thank you" to his CD and he said "take the f$&(*_# CD, its free music"... PARDON ME! If I wasn't so taken aback I assure you would I would said something worse back, but I found myself walking away telling Jason how that would NEVER happen in the South!

I was disappointed with our trip, maybe the New York life that I so desperately had high hopes of reliving isn't for me anymore. Sad truth. 

We have however taken full advantage of walking around our current surroundings and taking in the view. I hope you don't stop visiting here because of all the pictures of our view because I somehow think it wont get old for awhile. 

Sorry they are also grainy iPhone pictures!

Yesterday we had a bunch of running around to do in the morning, I was a little cranky about it because it was actually a nice day and I just wanted to enjoy it.. mostly because running around here takes hours because everything is a cluster screw all the damn time! AND... you wont even believe this, we were outside the grocery store and some guy yelled the F word! UNREAL! Like who the hell are these people that they don't have have enough respect or common decency not to walk around cursing in public places?!?! THERE ARE CHILDREN AROUND! I'm so angry about this aspect of my new surroundings. 

We managed to get in some pool time yesterday, for me more so a lounge chair time which was great. Jason got a NASTY burn though.. silly boy, no sunscreen!

This is by far the only compensation for having to live in an apartment again!

I sweat my tush off at the gym this morning in hopes of maybe being able to wear a bathing suit sometime this summer. I then spent some time at the pool but came in to blog and get a few things before Jason gets home. We are planning on going back to the gym.. me going back, him going and then having a light dinner before heading out for our nightly stroll! 

I've got somethings planned for the blog this week. I'm not going to lie I've been in such a mood that I haven't made an effort to be here so to spare you my complaining. I'm working on getting myself in a better place and really hope that will reflect here. 

I hope you are all getting as nice of weather as we are today, if so take advantage! 

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  1. You are making me miss New York! I still love going. Bryant Park is beautiful. Stopped there for a drink on one of our trips. Another time, we stopped to allow me to put bandaids on my blistered feet! You have such a gorgeous view! I don't think I'd ever get tired of it.