Friday, June 13, 2014

Get Over Yourself!

Not you, Me! As you probably noticed I have not been around this week and really the only reason is because I have nothing to say. I really thought this week would be a fantastic week because Josh and Tanya arrived on Sunday and I figured this may very well be the first time ever I could show her around, well that didn't happen. I don't know about all of you but we have had THE WORST weather this week, and literally all week.

Today the sun finally came out and we managed to take a walk, but overall there hasn't been much to tell. I am trying to get over hating it here.. and really I suppose its not that I hate it here but that I would just rather be somewhere else, and that just hasn't gone away. Three weeks until we go home for a long weekend and let me tell you.. I CANNOT FREAKIN' WAIT!

When we left home I believe Jason was prepared for me to sob the entire way here.. and truthfully the only reason I didn't was because I really felt that if I hated it I would just go home and that's what I kept telling myself. I know that its not reasonable to live apart for a year and pay for two homes but let me tell you.. there are days when you wouldn't have to tell me twice to pack my shit if it was an option to go home.

Anyways I am not here to complain, we got a few hours of sun today and that turned my day around, Tanya and I actually managed to go for a walk and get home before the storm hit! The weekend is looking to be better so I think we may head to Point Pleasant tomorrow for the day which I am looking forward to.

I thought I would stop in tonight and share my week in pictures! I promise to be better next week, the weather is suppose to be looking up and I plan to have a day by the pool and get my blog on a lot more!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.. I'm sure I will take a picture or two and share some of ours!

So last weekend we walked over to Hoboken for a late lunch and as we were walking around, I was like... "what the hell are all these people standing in line for?" apparently they were waiting to get into Carlos Bake Shop, AKA. Cake Boss! I wish I had something to order a cake for. 

I believe Tuesday I was a little early to meet Tanya and I had gotten no sleep the night before, so I got the biggest coffee I could and made my way to the little park across the street from Starbucks. I wanted to spend my entire day there, it was so pretty surrounded by flowers in a little park, but not 5 minutes after Tanya arrived it started to rain. I definitely plan to spend time there, with coffee from Starbucks. What could be better?

Always a straggler! These guys have been around for about two weeks, I have seen them all over Jersey City and wish very much that they would find a quieter more appropriate place to wander. So far drivers seem to be extremely considerate of them which I am grateful for, I would hate to see an accident happen. 

This is a beautiful Sundial along the boardwalk in Jersey City, I'm not sure it works (probably because all we get is rain here) but I like it none the less. 

Through out the city there are tributes to 9/11 in many places. This one in particular is directly across the Hudson from where the twin towers once stood. Its a somber reminder. 

This as well is part of the monument. These pieces were part of the wreckage from the Twin Towers. 

This Colgate clock sits at the end of the boardwalk walking towards the Statue of Liberty, actually she sits right to the left in this picture but it was quite hazy today so I couldn't get a good shot of her anyways. I will work on that though.

Tanya asked a gentlemen (whose bike is to my right) to take this picture of us. As he was doing it I assumed only our heads would be in the picture but it turned out really good. This was during the two sunny hours we got today, and we took advantage of every single second. 

So that's pretty much whats been going on around here.. nothing. So far they are calling for nice weather until Monday night and then back to crap. I am hoping over the weekend that will change and we can get back to the amazing summer we were having before this week. I have been still getting to the gym and plan to start running the boardwalk if the rain ever quits. If nothing else I will get my ass in shape being here.. so I suppose things could be worse. 

I have spent my night drinking wine and reading trashy magazines and now I am heading to bed. 

Later Gators!

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  1. Nicole! You look amazing! You keep writing about trying to get in shape but looks like you're in shape to me!

    I see you are back in the New York area? New Jersey?! I just rediscovered your blog in my favourites after you crossed my mind and I remembered you aren't on fb anymore after I tried to creep you hahaha!!!

    Glad to see you're doing well and I hope you guys get some nice weather soon it's pretty hot here in Edmonton but certainly not super hot summer weather yet!!

    Take care girl, love reading your posts! :)


  2. Jaclyn MacLean!! How I have missed you!
    I got rid of Facebook a long time ago, but you are on the top of my "I miss creeping.." list! HA! How are you and Jamie? Are you loving Edmonton? Hows is Asterix?

    We are in New Jersey, just arrived a month ago! We are slowly getting use to our surroundings and making it work.. not going to lie.. you read my blog a little and you will see how much I miss home! We are getting better weather though, thankfully! That makes things so much better!!

    I'm so happy to have gotten your message, I think about you often!! I miss you!!

    Take Care!