Monday, March 10, 2014

Our Weekend Paint Project

Good Morning Lovelies!

Well if you have tried to contact me this weekend you were most likely out of luck because I was basking in the sunshine and paint.. literally! Jason and I have been trying to do projects around the house while we have a chance and on that list was the task of painting the garage. Besides the huge pain it was going to be to move all the crap out so we could paint I really didn't think it was going to be all that bad at all. Well... it didn't exactly turn out like I thought it would.

Awhile ago Jason actually got a head start on priming one side of the garage with some paint we had laying around in the garage, he figured why not use it up and at least get someone of it done. The section he did didn't require moving anything out of the garage so it was easy! You see our garage holds typical garage things, tools, bikes, etc but it also holds all our travel furniture.. the contents of a one bedroom apartment.. literally.. everything!

Anyways awhile ago Jason got 3 gallons of primer and if you know my hubby at all you know that he loves a good deal, or rather searches for them! Well one would have thought he like everyone else would have known that you always buy more expensive paint because in the end its worth it, even if it is for the garage! Not Jason though, he bought $6.99 a gallon primer! Guess how that went!

You can see this tan color that is in half the garage, that is the stuff Jason used awhile ago to prime as much as he could.

This is the contents of a one bedroom apartment.. see I wasn't lying! Dining room table and chairs, dresser, queen size bed! 

Moving everything out of the garage was a way bigger pain in the ass then painting itself, I think the neighbors thought we were moving!

I was super excited to be outside though, it was a GORGEOUS day!

See how that cheap primer worked! We honestly were not really prepared for Saturday at all, we had one roller and cheap paint.. it definitely didn't go as I had hoped.. by any means. 

So we decided to grill! It was such a gorgeous night, we lugged everything back into the garage and got to grilling and beer drinking! 

Yesterday morning it was the plan that Jason would go to Home Depot and get paint, another roller and whatever else we needed. I got ready while he was gone and when he got home we already had an issue! For some reason Jason went to get an off white, close to cream color of paint and came home with Slate Grey! I really thought it was a bad idea, it was almost the same color as our bedroom and I thought for a garage that was just such a bad idea! So he went back to have them lighten it! While he was gone I lugged all the crap out of the garage again and was pretty much ready to go when he got back. 

We started Sunday morning like this.. as you can see Jason really wanted to get his moneys worth of the white primer. Haha!

At this point I think the neighbors thought we were crazy! 

It was definitely nice to see the garage empty for a change, clutter drives me batty and although its the garage and its all stuff we need every single time I go out there I am drove nuts by the absolute disorganization of the whole thing. Funny Side note - most people would probably think our house looks pretty empty and they may be right because there is absolutely no knick knacks.. period! That's how much I HATE clutter. 

There are still some wet spots in this picture. Jason did the ceiling (we painted everything one color) and I did the walls. At this point we hadn't finished the spots we couldn't get with the roller as you can see. The color is dark but whatever, I do like it.. as I said its similar to our bedroom! It was great to be outside all day and I love the feeling of getting something accomplished and this was a big project on our list. 

It took us all day, somehow I felt like the day totally got away from us! After we finished painting I scraped all the paint off the floor and Jason came behind me and scrubbed the spots with a scrub brush (it really is to be determined who is more anal). Naturally after all that and the floor dried we moved everything back in the garage and decided we should maybe have some dinner as it was 8:00pm. Dinner, shower, finale of Ultimate Survival Alaska. 

Do any of you watch Ultimate Survival Alaska? It airs on National Geographic and it is an AMAZING show! Basically the concept is teams tackle challenges across the crazy terrain in the State of Alaska. Every week they are in a different part of the state and have a different challenge and adversities at hand. Jason and I are obsessed with this show! Well last night was the season finale and I was so upset! 

I get terribly attached to people on reality shows like this and last night when it was the final challenge and someone was going to win the whole thing I was so torn! I really liked at least one person on each team if not the entire team and was so torn as to who to root for.. that is until I heard Eddy's story for the first time. You see there was a military team and although I have a huge soft spot for the military and all they do and sacrifice, not to mention I really liked Grady and Jared I just felt like as much as this would have meant to them the life they have dedicated themselves to is way more meaningful then this. As hard as these challenges had been they have seen worse, done worse, you know? Not to diminish the effort they put for, but I don't think it meant as much to them as it would have to Eddy. Eddy was on a team with Dallas Seavey (Remember when we were in Alaska it was his team we went dog sledding with? Also Dallas is the youngest person ever to win the Iditarod.. which is going on again now, GO DALLAS!) Anyways!!!! Dallas, Eddy and this other really annoying guy who apparently holds world records for something were the endurance team and Eddy although a great competitor you could tell was always the one trying to keep up, and he did so, well. So last night as they are climbing the active volcano to their final destination it is told that two years ago Eddie weighed 325lbs and this was a huge feat for him. He is from a small Eskimo village in Alaska (close to Barrow) and winning this meant the world to him, he didn't want to let anyone down. Cue jazz hands and loud cheering for Eddie! 

See I get attached, I'm the same way about Fat shows.. There was this one in particular on MTV years ago and although I can't remember the name of it they basically were given a trainer for the summer between high school and college and given the opportunity to lose weight and become a better version of themselves. If they made excuses, cheated and didn't take advantage of this amazing opportunity I hated them, I spent the whole hour irritated, miserable and satisfied when they had to admit that they failed. BUT when they completely took advantage, lost weight and felt great.. at the final reveal I would cry my face off with pride! I was so proud of them and their hard work, although I obviously didn't know these people at all. That's when Jason restricted my reality TV show watching.. haha!

Anyways I rambled, go figure! So the show ended last night and I am so disappointed and cannot wait for next season. There aren't too many shows that Jason and I both become obsessed with and this was definitely one of them, this show just keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for something bad to happen with the crazy things these guys have to do to get where they need to be! Not to mention watching people start as a team of strangers and become a brotherhood, not just the teams but the whole cast! Safety always came first, and the interest and safety of each other always came first and you have to respect that. Kudos to all of them for the amazing job, dedication and overall strength, they should all consider themselves winners!

So I've been up since the crack of dawn, literally! We had the warranty goobers coming at 9:00am and although I would have loved to stay in bed I hate to be rushed and I could totally foresee Jason waking me and telling me to get ready because they needed to go into our bathroom or something. So I got up made toast and coffee and they show up. They show up to inspect our attic with no ladder after being told we don't have the stair drop down or a ladder that will get you up there. I honestly was ready to flip my shit, this is just so typical and I am NOT a morning person.. what was his solution, he'll come back tomorrow at the same time.. OH NO YOU WON'T ASSHOLE! Luckily he went out and found himself a ladder, good thing for him. 

Apparently everything checks out, according to him. We are suppose to have landscapers here this week to do something about the lack of drainage in our back yard that causes a pond every time it rains. If they don't fix it I think Jason is planning to stock it with fish. Did I mention this has been an issue we have addressed since before the house had walls? I swear! They are also suppose to be replacing the dead bushes outside because they put them in dead and obviously things don't just magically become alive again. Believe that?

We however are leaving Thursday morning for Savannah and Wednesday is suppose to rain so I guess they better be here tomorrow, which is doubtful! 

So I am going to take advantage of another gorgeous day, this post has taken me FOREVER because I have Pandora on the smart TV and I've been singing as much as I have been typing! What? Who doesn't enjoy a good living room dance party! 

I hope you all have a FABULOUS Monday!

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