Friday, March 7, 2014

My Daddy... The Craftsman!

Well good thing we had ALL of our roof vents replaced along with shingles yesterday because they were all installed incorrectly and last night monsoon season began! Yes you read that right, every single roof vent was installed incorrectly, an issue we were sure was rectified as it was brought to our attention before the build was complete by our home inspector.. we then of course forwarded the report, spoke to the building superintendent and was assured it would be taken care of. LIES... ALL LIES! They will be here on Monday to do a thorough inspection of the attic to make sure there is no water damage from the last several months of having inferior invents incorrectly installed. Mother... F...... That's all I will say about that.

We are in full swing of monsoon season apparently, it started yesterday afternoon with freezing rain and turned to a horrific down pour that has yet to let up. I wont lie the sound of the wind whistling and the down pour is a wonderful sound a night, I could lay there and listen to it forever as I did last night because sleeping without horrific dreams seemed out of the question. Today though its freezing cold, the wind is whipping and the rain is coming down in buckets, but its not snow (haha Dad!) so I am just fine with it!

Anyways on to the point of today's post! Do you remember the coat rack my Dad built us and brought while he was visiting after Christmas? Well he has only advanced from there! Growing up I always remember my Dad fixing stuff around the house, building stuff in the back yard. When I was little we would go out in the back shed with the wood stove on in the winter drinking hot chocolate and make Christmas crafts, we would be outside in the blistering cold for hours because there was too much perfect snow for snow forts to waste sitting in the house. We would make the most amazing snow forts, snow rabbits.. because naturally the snowman is completely over rated, we would spend hours at it because not only was it obviously the most fun ever but we couldn't wait for the finished product, me and Dad. I'm not going to lie those are some of my best childhood memories, if not the best and I remember feeling at the time that it was the time of my life, but I also remember thinking Dad was having just as much fun as I was! I don't know why when I was home this past month Dad and I didn't build a damn thing with all that snow, I'm all the sudden a little disappointed.

Ok, I'm getting off topic! Basically my point is my Dad is pretty handy! When we moved to the house my parents live in now from my childhood home Dad redid the basement all on his own, recently he completely renovated their upstairs bathroom from the drywall to the tub! How great to have someone around who can do all that, and it doesn't hurt that it saves a pretty penny either!

Well although everyone wants a coat rack (who could blame them) and so far Aunt Bren and I are the only ones who have one, he has moved on to fancy trays and guess who got the first one?? Sorry Mom! I know I know, taking from my own mother! BUT in my defense it saved everyone on shipping and the risk of this master piece being damaged in the mail! She'll get one, she lives with him!

So you want to see it, don't you? OF COURSE YOU DO!

It has been so hard to decide where to display this beauty, what exactly we want to use it for! Before we went home we had been on the hunt for a tray to use for grilling, we had bought a cheap one and it cracked so we tossed it. I'm not sure we want to use this strictly for grilling, I do believe we will look for a nice clear tray to fit inside so we have the option of using it for grilling, but we do plan to have a deck by fall and how fabulous would this be for drinks and what not?

Every detail in original and unique.. built I believe with me in mind! Haha.. again, sorry Mom! I love that its original and I love when people ask I can tell them MY DAD made it!

The rustic chic style fits perfectly with our style and theme throughout the house! The wood is unique and tells its own story while the handles are simple but have character which is so important to me. 

Right now this is its temporary home, on our counter. Its not serving a purpose just yet but hell its raining and we aren't grilling and I don't want it to just sit in the garage. We will find the perfect clear tray that slides in and out so you can still admire the tray but can slip it out to wash it when necessary. Hopefully summer is around the corner, not just for us and we will be able to put it to good use on the regular! 

Picture perfect if I do say so myself! Thanks Dad, Jason and I absolutely LOVE the tray and the coat rack! Just a word to the wise though, you should probably build something for Mom next.. well.. for obvious reasons! ;) You might want to build it quick though, because if we can't find a bookshelf in the next week I plan to call you about that! Haha! 

As you can imagine with the weather out there we don't have much on the agenda for today! As I write Jason is out getting a hair cut and picking up a few things at Walmart and I am awaiting his arrival with the final ingredients I need to bake some home made cheddar scones! I do believe the recipe will follow tomorrow around these parts and maybe some pictures as well, who knows! 

The weather tomorrow is suppose to clear up quite nicely and we are in for 4 days of blissfully sunny weather, so they say! Are intention is to paint the garage, rake the yard and do a much needed overhaul on the truck. We are thinking its soon going to be crunch time to get projects done around here before we head to the next job so we want to take advantage of all the nice days we have. 

Next week is looking like we might finally make it to the shooting range on Tuesday and then off to Savannah, Georgia on Wednesday!! YAY!!! 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

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  1. Nice tray , I will have to make one for Mom. Ha ha .The next one is almost finished . Mom will be so happy as we do not have a coat rack or any other nice things i make . My next project will be our deck cooler , you saw the rough idea when you were here . I hope you and Jason enjoy the tray. I will send you pictures of the cooler when I have it completed . love you,s Dad

  2. Gorgeous! The only word for it. Enjoy. It's almost like one of those things that too nice to use :)