Saturday, March 22, 2014

Charleston At Its Finest!

Hello All,

Well as I said I was going to be back around these parts today to finish up our trip with a post about Charleston! I planned to get here earlier but its been such a gorgeous day here, it just turned overcast as it is suppose to rain all day tomorrow so I figured it would be a good time to post!

Anyways we got up Saturday morning early to head to Charleston, South Carolina. It didn't start off all that well as we went to get on the Interstate and you couldn't, the on ramp was completely backed up.. so much so that people were turning around on the on ramp and trying to go another way. I don't know if there was an accident or if it was just all the traffic from St. Patrick's Day but we obviously decided to take the long way. It actually worked out to be better because there was a lot of beautiful scenery but it was also quite overcast that morning and I felt soo exhausted!

We arrived in Charleston and toured around the water before finding parking and getting out to walk. Believe it or not we managed to cover pretty much the entire city!

Charleston is quite different from Savannah in that it holds its historic aspects and uniqueness but it also has a lot of high end shopping. No that is not the only reason that I enjoyed Charleston a little more.. however I did manage to get in a little shopping! We also took a historic tour on horse and carriage, and really just wandered the streets up and down until we felt like we covered it all.. kind of.

Driving along the water before getting into Charleston was just gorgeous.. 

This was more of the high went shopping, this street went on for a really long time and they had wonderful shops, big names, regular stores and then boutiques. I was in heaven.. Jason.. not so much!

We went to Jim N' Nicks BBQ on King Street, the food was awesome! I had the street tacos and they were incredible! After lunch we just started touring around planning to see as much as we could!

This was the first church we encountered and that sweet old man standing outside really wanted to show us the inside of the church, so we went in and took a tour. 

This church was beautiful, I don't believe it was old enough to be historic but that gentlemen was so proud of it that the tour was really nice. 

This gorgeous window was in the prayer room, it was really unbelievable. 

We called ahead to take a historic carriage tour, we had a great time. The gentlemen tour guide was an older gentlemen who had been a geology professor at the University of South Carolina Charleston I believe for over 30 years. He retired and realized he didn't want to sit at home all the time so he became a tour guide and you could tell he loved it! 

This home in particular was on the water and it has significance to the Civil War. It's actually kind of funny if the homes in the historic district didn't have a significance in the civil war there were stories about the socialites of the South and it was fantastic!

The homes really were absolutely gorgeous!

Most of these homes do not have air conditioning either, I can't imagine in the summer what that must be life. I also cant imagine how much it would cost to heat these homes.

As you can see the homes are extremely close together!! 

The mad hatter!

I kept trying to get a picture without the tour guides horse whip (no he did not use it on the horses) but he just wouldn't move it.. so I said screw it I would just include it. 

Do you see the line that goes through the cobble stone street in brick? That use to be a wall during the civil war to block cannons during the civil war. It was also interesting that the street names had significance, like Water Street use to actually be a river. 

We really enjoyed Charleston, we spent so much time walking around and just seeing things. Sadly towards the later part of the afternoon we got a call that our house alarm was going off.. go figure. Obviously we were far away and they told us that the police had been dispatched and they would let us know what they found. Worst.Feeling.Ever! So we waited and basically decided just to get in the car and go home. I'm not sure how much more time we would have spent there, we really covered pretty much everything but having to rush out like that really sucked. 

We eventually got a call back that said the police came out and all the doors and windows were still secure and they felt it was a false alarm. I mean if all the windows were still locked and secure than we had to assume that it was a false alarm and we would make sure when we got home. The alarm that went off was set off by a motion detector within the house and I couldn't help but think if someone had broke in obviously a window or door alarm would have gone off first. 

It was quite a long drive home so we decided that we were just going to stop and have dinner, we were planning to just get something off the interstate like we usually would but when I did a little looking to see what our options were I saw the Mellow Mushroom and we just had to go! We figured it would be a quick stop but it ended up taking a really long time to get our food, however let me tell you it was COMPLETELY worth the wait.. they have the best pizza I have ever had. 

The beer wasn't too shabby either, I really wanted to take the glass.. haha I didn't obviously. 

The rest of the drive home wasn't so bad and thankfully we arrived home to no issues! Thankfully! Its scary to think false alarms like that can happen but I suppose it was better to have no issue than a catastrophe when we arrived!!

Well we have finally wrapped up our trip.. sorry it took so long! I promise I have some big stuff coming! With this overcast weather and rain coming I am definitely thinking tonight may be a movie night! Maybe a glass of wine night too. 

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!! 

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  1. Looks like you had a really nice time...I'm jealous after seeing pictures of PALM TREES! I am a sucker for them.