Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Daily Smiles and Office Decor

So yesterday pretty much looked like this..

What you see here is snow, sleet, freezing rain.. a bunch of crap basically. You cant see the cold but let me tell you, you could feel it! The air all day was just cold and damp, I could feel it in the house and it made me cringe! I put on my favorite sweats and ignored the fact that the outside even existed!

It stayed extremely cold last night and I woke up to this...

All you Northerners who think I am just whining.. I LIVE IN THE SOUTH!! You live in the North, you know what you signed up for.. BAD WINTERS! I moved to the South looking to put winter and all it entails behind me! I didn't want to have to wear hats (ok, I actually like hats), mittens and winter jackets! I mean that isn't exactly what you think of when you think of THE SOUTH! It makes me miserable. 

So as you can tell waking up to another COLD day did not make me very happy!! We spent the morning hanging around the house as changing the truck insurance and what not turned out to be a huge pain in the tush! We had to run out and get some groceries which I don't generally enjoy but let me tell you why living here has changed that!

First of all we put the new plate on the truck! Yes I said plate... singular! For some reason in North Carolina you only get one license plate, you don't need one for the front of your vehicle like in most States and for some reason this really bothers Jason! Funny story.. I could care less! I was SO HAPPY to put a North Carolina plate on the truck and I really cant even tell you why. I am just so happy here, so happy in our house, with our life and I feel like changing our licenses and plates on the truck is just solidifying our life here.. weird? I don't know.. I just cant help it.. I'm thrilled!! 

Anyways that isn't why I don't hate going grocery shopping it just helped getting me to go today in the cold. We have a grocery store super close to our house, walking distance really and when the weather is nice we often stroll over there instead of drive. The store is nice and super clean and the staff is really friendly and helpful, which makes any experience better. But there is one particular employee there that warms my heart. He cant be that young, because he is there during the day and obviously not in school.. but he looks really young. He is HILARIOUS, beyond friendly and just totally makes my day. When we arrived at the check out today he said "Hey guys, I haven't seen you in awhile I was starting to wonder what was going on" haha! He talks about all the stuff we bought and inquires about what we plan on cooking. He asks random questions about life and what we've been up to and you can just tell hes a genuinely nice kid who likes to make people smile, and it works. I always leave there wondering why more people cant be like that, and how the world would be such a better place if everyone was like him!

I really cant say we've been up to much today besides our grocery shopping outing. While straightening out the insurance thing the worrier in Jason didn't want to be going too far because the insurance we had up until today was registered to the Maine plates and now we have North Carolina plates.. you see the dilemma.. but now that is all taken care of tomorrow we are planning on heading out and looking for a book shelf for the office space! We have the desk and the chair in here (I'm using it now) and now we are looking for a rug, corner bookshelf and naturally some fun decor.. well I'm looking for some fun decor Jason is keeping quiet and letting me do my thing. I'm hoping tomorrow we will have some luck with those things. 

Here are some of the inspirations I have for our office space!

This is actually from Aubrey over at The Kinch Life Blog.. love her home office!

Loving the clean lines in this space, if you know me at all you know I HATE clutter!

These bookshelves... I simply swoon!

These unique framed prints are available everywhere these days and I am in love!

Y'all know how I feel about snail mail, I would love to have a place to display it! Check out my Snail Mail board on Pinterest HERE for some ideas of your own!

Again.. those prints! Who wouldn't smile seeing this everyday!

I think if we have a hard time finding a great corner bookshelf for our space then I could really work with something like this!

A gallery wall is going to make an appearance in our house somewhere, I just cant decide where. 

Clean lines, bright space, beautiful bookshelf, pattern... being inspired by a work space is such a great thing!

A pillow is definitely on my radar... and that Mac computer.. just saying! 

I could post pictures of office ideas that inspire me until the cows come home, I curl up on the couch with Pinterest and go nuts, I pin on my phone while laying in bed trying to sleep... I just cant help myself! Home decorating really is so exciting, and seeing a space come together just thrills me.

Alright I am off to turn up the heat, Jason keeps this place set on meat locker and I'm over it! I'm going to make a tea and hope something good in on TV tonight that I just don't know about it! 

Hope y'all have a great night!

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  1. I'm not going to say it...but, we are hearing no warm temps here until APRIL!! It will take so long for this snow to melt it's not even funny. The snowbanks are totally hard - almost ice. Anyways, it just wanted to add my two cents. BTW, I ADORE that bookshelf that looks like a ladder! It's very unique.

  2. I refuse to talk about the weather. I am ignoring it. I really the grey office. The ladder is neat, I have seen these. My brother built the coolest bookshelf with cupboards and lights right into the wall.

    Sorry I missed your trip home. I am just now getting back to normal. Had a nasty , nasty liver infection.

  3. Cathy, I think everyone is sick of winter. I don't know how anyone is doing it anymore at this point. I know we are lucky but I too and just so damn tired of it!
    I too love the ladder bookshelf, I have a feeling we may end up with something like that which opens the door to decorate the space with larger pieces of art work and I am all about that.
    Steve! I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better, I was thinking about writing but knew you weren't well and didn't want to be a bother. We are sad we missed you guys as well, always next time though! Please wish Christina a Happy Birthday for me, I know it was yesterday.. I don't have facebook and meant to write but the day got away from me! Thanks!
    I don't blame you for not wanting to talk about the weather, I think you stand with most of North America! I'm excited for office decorating... and am going to try talking Jason into another accent wall haha, wish me luck!

    1. Hi Nik , let me see if I can fin an old wooden ladder and make you a book shelf . I will make one if I can find an old wooden ladrer . love you Dad.

  4. I have a very nice Persian rug that would look good in that office . Love Dad.

  5. I have a very nice Persian rug that would look good in that office . Love Dad.

  6. Dad I would LOVE for you to build us a bookshelf out of an old ladder, but I will pass on the Persian rug, I hate that thing! Love you!!