Thursday, March 20, 2014

FINALLY... Savannah!

Yes its finally happening I am here to tell you about the first part of our trip to Savannah, Georgia! I am really sorry that it has taken me so long to get to it but things have been really all over the place here and I promise I will soon get to telling you why! Before I get to our trip though I want to wish you all a very happy first day of Spring! Although we are in the South and really have no room to complain about the winter that we have had, it still seems to have been extremely long and I cannot wait to sport flats and flip flops on the regular, cute little sweaters with capris.. like I am in today!

I really have been dying to tell you guys about our trip, I have wanted to go to Savannah for a really long time and we have talked about it forever. Jason decided to not plan the entire trip like he usually does and I always prefer to see how things go and do what we feel like at the time! So we grabbed this here map below and went on our way!

Now this map was great but having said that it was also St. Patrick's Day weekend and when we arrived on Thursday there were already a lot of roads closed and parking was already hard! The first day we really just wanted to tour around River Street and see some of the squares as there are quite a few, just familiarize and see as much as we could. 

Honestly there is SO MUCH information to tell you so I am going to do this is no such order, I think I am just going to share a bunch of pictures and let y'all know what they are and then I will include a bunch of facts at the end and links I felt were helpful if you are thinking of planning a trip. I will say that when you cross into Georgia you MUST go into the welcome center! Not only did we get a HUGE stack of brochures and maps, etc they also have discounts on trolley tours and what not there. 

I don't know what these flowers are called but they were gorgeous! They were blooming outside the very first public cemetery in the United States, which I will get to.. this were just so vibrant and gorgeous!

This church is so grand and just absolutely incredible! 

The pictures absolutely speak for themselves, this place is a must see if you are ever in Savannah!

This is the first public cemetery in the United States, the gravestones date back to the late 1700's. There are also mass graves here from epidemics such as yellow fever. Many years ago the military would dock at the river and camp in the cemetery messing around with the gravestones, they often left having changed things like men were actually women, people died before they were born, sad truth.

Although the graveyard is beautifully kept you can only do so much with stones that are so old. There are some grave stones that have fences around them and some they have tried to repair without diminishing the historical aspect. 

Mass graves.

As you can tell some of the headstones no longer have any writing at all. Walking through I noticed that they often put on the headstone exactly how long a person was alive. "12 years, 4 months and 13 days". Sadly a lot of the graves stones were that of very young people. 

These old willow trees are INCREDIBLE and they reside in all the squares but one, we were told on our haunted trolley tour that it is believed that the square that does not have willows is because the square is dedicated to a gentlemen who wasn't fond of them. This particular gentlemen caught sun stroke one day and back then it was believe that to cure sun stroke it was necessary to slit your cheeks and let you bleed out (but you would not die) or use leaches.. this gentlemen naturally chose the leaches as he was a decorated war hero who somehow maintained a gorgeous face. Sadly he didn't know he was a hemophiliac and therefore died as a result of the leaches. It is believed that he haunts that square. 

Now get ready for this... are you ready? This is the spot where Tom Hanks sat as he played the role of Forest Gump and spoke the words "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get". Pretty incredible right? A lot of that movie was actually filmed there. Remember the opening scene where the feather is dropped from the church? That church is also there! 

This was a beautiful found! Days prior there was a ceremony where they colored the water in all the fountains green for St. Patrick's Day!

Not sure what happened with the coloring in this picture, we are definitely not that red! Yes we somehow coordinated colors haha this would not be the first time. 

The old buildings are really incredible, this whole place just has an amazing story and its told without words! Every place and unique. 

World War II Memorial

I thought this was hilarious!

City Hall

Now this house I actually remember the story from! This gentlemen built this house for his family and most of the house although its hard to tell was constructed with iron. Well sadly there was a fire in that house and his children were killed. They now haunt that house! Not the best story. But we took a haunted tour.. I sure this gentlemen had significance. 

This is the house where the woman who invented the Girl Scouts was born and died. The Girl Scouts organization still owns this home. 

The homes here are just so grand!

On too the good stuff right?

Incredible fried green tomatoes!

We decided to eat at the Pirates House per Tanya's recommendation and because it is the oldest Tavern in the United States. It is said that the Pirates use to dock here and come in for drinks! This dates back to the late 1700's!

A Georgia Peach Bellini! SO GOOD!

Jason had a HUGE plate of pecan crusted chicken, mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies which he actually ate.. WIN! The chicken was extremely good! 
Now I had the low country spring rolls and let me tell you.. I DREAM ABOUT THEM! They were pulled pork and collard greens... 

Before our haunted carriage tour we stopped in at Wet Willies which is a pretty incredible place.. the whole wall is lined with alcoholic slushy drinks.. hello my new favorite place! I got the Pina Colada and it was incredible!! It was a little cold outside for it, but whatever. They didn't skimp on the alcohol either!

These were our horses and our tour guide AJ. 

Our tour was AWESOME! Haunted crap really isn't my thing, and I'm not going to lie I was pretty thankful we were staying just outside of the downtown core after that.. because let me tell you.. that whole friggin' place is haunted!

I think I am going to leave our trolley tour information and Tybee Island until tomorrow because the more pictures I add the slower things are running and I don't want to lose anything.. so tomorrow I will continue on with Tybee Island, our trolley tour and some facts about Savannah!

I hope you guys are all well and getting some actual Spring weather! I'm going to pitch a fit because my show isn't on because of freaking March Madness basketball.. UGH! 

Catch ya later!

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