Monday, March 3, 2014

Even Mother Nature gets PMS...

I mean come on.. how else would you explain it? I swear every time we get snow or some winter crap the day before we get a day of shorts and flip flops weather, its Mother Nature toying with my emotions in the worst way! Yesterday was gorgeous and although I know I shouldn't complain because unlike so many others we at least got a gorgeous day, a miserable crap day to follow just isn't right.

Last night I went to bed exhausted, we had spent the whole day in the sun with beers and just enjoying being outside! I had the screen door open in the house to get some fresh air in here as well. Before bed Jason mentioned turning on the air conditioner before going to bed and naturally I scoffed.. really? It was only 72 out and it is March! We knew today was going to be dramatically different that I just didn't see putting on the flipping AC... well let me tell you I woke up in the night with egg on my face! It was so freaking hot in here, I could not get comfortable, I was screwing with the ceiling fan above the bed to get some relief.. miserable!

Jason got up early this morning to head over to get NC plates for the truck and I stayed in bed having had hardly any sleep at all. I must have fallen back asleep but when I got up I could barely move.. my neck was ALL KINDS OF SCREWED UP! I must have slept funny because seriously I can barely move today! I went for a hot bath, nothing. I took some Advil... no relief! UGH! All because I wouldn't agree to turn on the air conditioner? Since when does Jason listen to me anyways??? Good Lord!

So this morning has been a little bit of a headache! It is EXTREMELY miserable out, y'all know how the South handles winter weather and we went from 72 degrees to 31 with high winds and extreme rain.. soon to be a snow sleet MESS! We made no plans today knowing what was ahead of us and Jason thought once getting the plates changed on the truck it would be a good time to switch the truck insurance to the same company as our home insurance because it would save us money in the end. Negative! Adding me to Jason's existing insurance policy when we got married was easy peasy, answered a few questions and the insurance magically went down, apparently they thought Jason must be more mature because he was married.. HA! Somehow changing the insurance to this company couldn't be as easy, go figure. The quote we had originally received to make us inclined to change the insurance has changed, dramatically and not for the better. So get this.. basically they needed our license numbers, no big deal! Well it shows that I have less than three years of driving history.. because that is how long I have had a US drivers license. Naturally as far as they are concerned I didn't exist before coming here... this has been in most aspects of our changing things over.

I had an Ontario Drivers license since I was 17, no accidents or tickets (thank you very much). I changed my license to Maine after Jason and I got married, went to the Maine DMV gave them my Ontario license and they gave me a Maine one. It was a bit of a pain in the ass because I could only have a license issued as long as my green card was valid and the green card process takes some time until you get one issued for 10 years. So this morning while on the phone with the insurance Jason had my new North Carolina license as well as THREE Maine ones that have been issued to me! HA! Well that just wasn't good enough, they needed my Ontario license number because Canada is a country they can check your driver history as well. I don't still have my Ontario license, and if I do I have absolutely no idea where it is so I called the Ontario Ministry of Transportation... wait on hold... for a long long time... all for them to tell me they cannot give me that information (my old driver license number) I will have to fax a letter of request and make sure to include my credit card number authorizing them to take $6.00 to give me the information. Oh did I mention it will take 4-6 weeks because they are back logged? You're kidding me right? Apparently not.

Like I was going to do that. So I called the Maine Department of Motor Vehicles and asked if they kept my Ontario Drivers license number on record as they had been the first to issue me an American license. THEY HAD IT! All I had to tell them was my name, address that would appear on my Maine license, height and ugh.. weight! None the less I got the number in a matter of minutes and was all set! Thanks Ontario.. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

I suppose while digging around for a license I haven't had in years I did manage to do some spring cleaning and toss some crap I couldn't believe I still had! I always love a little decluttering! Although something needs to be done about my closet because there is just crap everywhere that needs a more permanent organized home as space is limited in there anyways and I HATE disorganization... but that's another post.

The weather has gone from bad to worse so we are hanging out for the rest of the day! We have been doing some planning for our upcoming trip to Savannah, Georgia which I couldn't be more excited for and will tell you about soon! I am in the process of picking a new book to start because I am really considering making book reviews a regular thing around here!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! Sorry for those of you who are disappointed an obligatory Oscars review didn't appear here today but I will be honest I didn't watch! I don't actually care about the Oscars and to be honest I don't think I really needed to watch as what everyone wore and won has been posted every website and I am sure social media site. I suppose if I was sitting around with champagne and popcorn (not a bad set up) like some of you ready to watch last night I would have been a little more enticed.. sadly that was not the case.

Alright I'm off to dig out the heating pad and make some tea.. No you did not miss my 60th birthday party! ;)

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