Monday, March 10, 2014

Nature Trail Walk

Good Morning,

As I mentioned in last nights post of Jason's dare devil painting ways we went for a wonderful five mile walk through an amazing nature trail yesterday afternoon. We didn't even begin to cover the whole entire trail but we definitely discovered an amazing spot to walk, bike, run!

We came across this trail awhile ago, its a part of a huge park with an aquatic center, fields, tracks, etc! We haven't had a chance to make it there to really explore until today and what a great day it was! I'm sorry but I am preparing you right now for picture overload! I took way more then I will actually share here but it was just such a beautiful day and there was so much gorgeous scenery that I couldn't help myself!

The Neuse River Trail.. Sorry I forgot the name earlier!

The train is over 20 miles, we didn't cover nearly half that but we are definitely excited to get to!

If you know me at all you know that I HATE bridges and this trail had its fair share, I didn't like that. I powered through though, I just look up and go. The swaying ones are the worst.. why in the hell is it possible that bridges move at all? My first thought is a structural issue and my instinct is to run like hell!

This is good for me because I can never tell what way is what.. 


We don't love that none of the rivers and lakes here seem to be blue.

This year there has been quite a bit of rain and it has caused some damage. 

Turtles!!! We saw a TON of turtles.. skittish little buggers though, the second they head voices half of them jumped into the water! I was so upset, there was double the amount there is in this picture sitting up there!

This bridge was wicked, I didn't want to walk across it but there was a cement floor so to speak... still not my favorite place to be!

Haha it looks crooked but its not, if it was there would have been no way in hell I would have walked on it, that's for sure!

More turtles... when we came back I tried to be quite but the second I opened my big mouth they ran for the hills.. or swam rather! Cute though!

It really was such a gorgeous place, I could have walked for miles and miles but Jason was just was sweating up a storm and started to complain. 

So that was our day yesterday, I so thoroughly enjoyed our time out there and just taking advantage of such a nice day. With this past weekend and yesterday we have made a point to be outside as much as we possibly can, grilling at night and even eating outside! 

Today we are going to clean the truck, we didn't get to it yesterday and head to the driving range! Tomorrow is going to rain so we plan to spend the day outside as much as we can and soak up all the sun that we can before it disappears yet again for raining cats and dogs! 

Well I'm off to get outside and make the most of the day, some good ol' vitamin D and just plain old sunshine has made me feel so great! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! 

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