Sunday, March 16, 2014

Current Faves!

Hey guys,

So we are back from our little trip and to be honest today I am not going to talk about it at all. We were so busy the entire time and retained soooooo much information that I want to get some of it straight before I try and sit down and make sense of it all. I took a ton of pictures and to be honest a lot of them had significance, a story to tell that goes a long but now I just cant remember.. go figure! So I promise in the next day or two I will get it together, read my HUGE stack of magazines, pamphlets, etc and put together something good.

I will tell you that Savannah and Charleston were pretty interesting, they are the first and second oldest cities in the United States and it shows. There is a ton of history about the civil war, monuments, houses as old as the 1700's! We ate at the oldest tavern in the United States, The Pirates House.. which is also haunted. It use to be a place where pirates would dock and come in for drinks and well.. other stuff! Pretty interesting stuff.

We did a bunch of tours which were fabulous but its so hard to remember everything you hear about the millions of places you see that have a story! Like I said I plan to sit down with everything and try and get it all straight, or at least close and I will be back with pictures and what not.

Before I get started on what I came here for I got a message on my last post that brought to my attention that I forgot to share a new picture of the carpet we got for the office (Sorry Cathy!). Although the office still needs a lot of work things are slowly coming together and we are really pleased with the latest addition. Check it out! Not what we expected to get but we are really happy with it!

We got a great deal on this rug, its super nice and plush and I honestly don't think we will get sick of it. We were thinking we wanted something lighter because are floors are so dark (although this picture makes them look much lighter) but we will add splashes of color in other ways!

Anyways I didn't want to skip out on y'all today so I thought I would stop in and share some of the things I am loving right now.

First off, while I was home my Mom and I made a trip over to Bath and Body Works, let me tell you if we burnt candles in the house I could do some damage in that store!! Anyways we were on the hunt for more of that Stress Relief Lotion I was telling you about last month, and by the way I am still LOVING that!!! Anyways while we were there my Mom bought me a cute little nail set to go in my purse and let me tell you that thing is so clever and convenient.

Now I will say I had this post planned before we left and although I still love this yesterday while we were walking around Charleston I threw my phone in my purse and this little guy scratched the shit out of my phone screen protector and case.. UGH! Having said that it was my own fault for throwing my phone carelessly in my purse and not in its designated spot and it doesn't take away from how much I like this thing, I just don't know where its going to reside from now on. This baby has a nail file, nail buffer and nail clippers which is all that you could need on the go! 

If you think this may be something you are interested it, you can purchase it HERE.

While we are on the topic of Bath and Body Works I also got the most AMAZING lip gloss I have ever owned. I love lip gloss in general but generally I find something and use it and I may like it but I don't get obsessed. This particular product I have been carrying around the house in my pocket, its on my night stand at night and when I leave the house it comes with. I cant get enough of it. This product is C.O Bigelow Lip Gloss in Ultra Mentha!

This stuff is soo soo good! When you apply it to your lips it leaves your lips feeling tingly from the mint in it, it keeps your lips so soft and feeling so good! Its a clear gloss so you can put it over lipstick or lip balms if you want. I definitely put it over my lipstick during the day. I wear it at night and wake up still feeling it on my lips.. how amazing it that. 

You can purchase this product HERE.

While I have not tried this one just yet, I also have this... Its the Vanilla Mint one. I believe this one is more of a shine gloss which is great and I am going to assume it has the same mint feeling. If you think this may be more up your alley you can check it out HERE.

I might as well finish my last beauty product for this post! I am not much of a lipstick person, or never have been. Awhile ago I got into nude lipsticks which I still love but with summer around the corner I really wanted to find something with some color to it. Its hard for me to pick or so I think because of my hair color, on top of that you really don't know how something will look on you and you don't want to spend $5.00-$15.00 on a lipstick and get home only to realize its hideous and you'll never wear it. 

So while at Target about two weeks ago Jason was looking at outdoor stuff and I headed over to the make up section. I was looking at a variety of lipsticks and comparing prices and decided to try.. Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick 375 Piccadilly Pink! Haha a mouth full right? 

I actually really like the color and think I will like it even more when I have a bit of a tan! I loved the packaging and was looking for a darker pink because I just don't think I can do bright pink. I have red lipsticks that I love but I wanted something that was no so in your face but gave me some color to my face as I wear a lot of neutrals with the rest of my make up. 

This is the best picture I could find to really depict the color I think it puts on my lips (as I didn't think to take a picture of my own lips until now). 

I have very fair skin, blue eyes, strawberry blond/reddish hair and I really like the way this color works on me. You can purchase this lipstick at Walmart, Target, Ulta and I'm sure any pharmacy. I believe I paid $5.99 for it which I thought was extremely fair! 

Alright moving on to clothes!! This is new, I don't really ever talk much about clothes on the blog but I thought I would change it up a bit. 

I like nice stuff, who doesn't but I also love what fits good and suits my style! Everyone is different and likes different things and although I only follow a few style blogs I like seeing what people where and how they put their outfits together. 

Last year I fell in love with Old Navy's shorts! Truthfully I generally HATE shorts, I feel like I have fat legs and hate the way I look in pretty much all shorts. I don't know what made me try them to be honest but they are super colorful and I love the way they fit. 

They do not have the same colors that I have anymore because I got mine last year but THESE are an example of the same thing in a different print. I got mine in the 3 1/2" length but I believe they also come in 5" and 7" depending on your preference! I believe I got mine at the end of the season last year for $13.00 and right now they can be purchased for $22.94 American. 

You can refer back to THIS post from last week to see me wearing a pair while we were golfing! I do think I might purchase this nautical pair as well. Check it out!

Believe it or not I have more clothes to talk about. I know, I know once I get started on something I tend to run with it. 

Quite some time ago my parents bought me a Ten Tree sweater, have y'all heard of Ten Tree? If not check it out HERE. Basically they plant ten trees for everyone item purchased, which I think is pretty incredible!You can read their entire story HERE and view their tree maps HERE. Its all a really incredible story and cause, its just a bonus that their clothes are awesome too. 

I have a Barrel hoodie which is this one below..

Mine is actually in Grey and Mint which they are not offering now, but these colors are fabulous and summery! I really love this hoodie, it is warm but thin and so unbelievably comfortable! Its been my go to hoodie since it arrived and I really don't see that changing anytime soon! I am absolutely in the market for one or five of their tanks. As of right now they have planted 992,430 trees which is pretty incredible! Go support the cause and get yourself something fantastic! 

Now this is another old love but such a long lasting love that I think its definitely worth mentioning! As you all know I wear glasses and because I have worn them for so long I am really use to them and there really isn't many complaints I have anymore.. except one... I use to love having a million sunglasses to choose from at any time, and obviously when you have to wear your glasses all the time you don't have that luxury because you need prescription ones and that is just not cheap!

So a couple of years ago I found these.. I really couldn't love them more! 

Sadly they have discontinued these frames just before I bought them so I actually had to buy them at Oakley and then have Lenscrafters put in the prescription lens! I love the color, it goes so well with my skin tone. The shape of the frame also works really well with my rather round face!

Jason also has custom Oakley sunglasses I got him for Christmas a couple of years ago and honestly they were rather reasonably priced for the quality of glasses you get, his regular glasses are Oakley as well! If you are looking for some gorgeous women's sunglasses click HERE to search what Oakley has available now. 

I think that's about it for now, This past week I finally used my Gap giftcards from Christmas and bought some great things but I don't feel like I can give you a legit opinion and I have only worn one thing so far and only once! 

As I said I will get to my trip details hopefully tomorrow. I plan to do it in two parts, Savannah and Charleston! I will tell you that Charleston was my favorite of the two and that surprised even me. I think we may have decided to spend the night there last night but as we were wandering around yesterday we got a call that our HOUSE ALARM WAS GOING OFF! We contacted the alarm company and they said that one of the motion detectors in the house had been set off and they had dispatched the police. Naturally we were in a panic being over 5 hours away and not being able to do anything. I kept wondering how a motion detector in the house could go off but not an alarm from an entrance (door/windows). They called us back after about an hour and said that the police had been and searched the perimeter of the house, all of the doors and windows were still locked and nothing seemed to be compromised. We were already on our way home to make sure. That's really the worst feeling let me tell you when you think that someone could have broken into your house and you are so far away! A real reality check for what things will be like when we got the next job! 

Anyways I am off to do laundry and start reading through all the stuff I brought home! Its cold and rainy here today so we really haven't been up to much! Looking forward to watching The Good Wife tonight! 

Happy Sunday! 

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  1. Love the rug! Thanks for posting a photo :) And the girl in the blue hoodie? Could you please tell me where I can get her legs??

  2. Thanks Cathy! We're super happy with the rug as well and we got a great deal! I'm
    After that girls legs too!! I wish!!

  3. I really like the rug. Matches perfectly. As for the rest of the blog, make-up, ( I don't use any), I skipped all that shit, oops, stuff. :)

  4. Thanks Steve, I always think of you when I write these because I can imagine you will skip over it! haha I'm not at all offended!