Monday, January 6, 2014

Extended Vacation = Pathetic Blogger

Talk about a holiday hiatus! I swear it was not my intention to be away from this place for so long, but truth be told we had some unplanned events that lead to company and therefore finding the time to get here was pretty much nonexistent!

So instead of doing one big post I thought I would just fill you in piece by piece that way you don't skip to the bottom of the post because you're bored and I don't inflict stimulation overload with all the pictures I have to share!

I believe I left off with the Hurricanes game? I think so, and I promised that when I came back I will fill you in on our Christmas! Jason and I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas and our time at home throughout! On the 24th the Seavey's arrived sans two children as they were with their dad in Canada. They arrived in the morning and Jason and Evan headed to the driving range, Brianne headed out to pick up a few little gifts and Millie G and I hung out while I baked cookies! I made some of my famous chocolate chip cookies, I know, not traditional at all but they are so damn good and I knew that everyone would enjoy though! I also decided to make some shortbread cookies because they are my favorite over the holidays and Barb was gracious enough to share the very best shortbread recipe there is! When Barb sent the recipe she mentioned that while she had been recently baking she blew up her hand mixer, the motor went.... well guess what happened to me while I was making shortbread?? RIGHT OH! My mixer died! Jason had to run out and get me another one!

We had a very low key Christmas Eve, we did a little photo shoot with Amelia for her first Christmas and just ate snacks and drank wine!!

This was the extent of Millie's baking! 

This picture is one of my favorites from the holiday, she opened a gift on Christmas eve and looked incredibly thrilled with what she got! 

Her little 'Santa Stop Here' photo shoot!

 Clearly Santa Found our house!

Christmas morning came later then I had expected to be honest! We headed to bed a little late but with a baby in the house I expected an early morning wake up call that never really came! None the less once we were up and moving we got a start on present opening! 

Millie and her Stocking!

Jason and I bought each other the same blender!

Millie's new shirt! (Evan and Jason went to Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine)

Bri opening her Wilfork jersey (I got one too!)

Evan loving the Patriots crockpot we got them for Christmas!

Jason's new dart board

Jason's new cribbage board from the incredible Don Hansen!

Everyone got wonderful gifts and was extremely happy with their loot! When we finally finished opening presents we got to breakfast, because lets be honest what is Christmas without a big breakfast? We really puttered all day before getting down to dinner cooking business. You know I love that about Christmas, morning coffee with baileys, big breakfast, puttering and cooking! I also love that Jason and Evan cooked the turkey in the Big Easy so that was one less thing for us to worry about in the kitchen! Besides that thing makes a MEAN turkey!

Amelia ready for dinner!


Truly our holiday was absolutely wonderful! Dinner was fabulous and after clean up we played some Yahtzee before curling up on the couches to watch Elf before bed! What could have been better?

The 26th Brianne and I headed out in the morning to tour around for awhile, in the States they don't have boxing day so if you can believe it a lot of people went back to work.. or shopping! We chose shopping! That afternoon the Seavey's headed home and Jason and I went to cleaning and organizing from the Christmas craziness. Its funny you spent so much time finding fabulous gifts, spend an hour opening them and then hours trying to figure out where to put them all! 

As you know we had family arrive on the 27th, but I will tell you about that tomorrow. I am not planning on leaving the house tomorrow as they are calling for the coldest weather here in a decade! MISERABLE! I know what all you Northerners are thinking, but in my defense the South has softened me... I can't take the cold anymore! Besides I don't like winter, hence our Southern living! But whatever it will be a great day to catch up and blog!! 

I have really missed being here but it was really nice to unplug for awhile and not look at social media. While we had company I barely picked up my phone and didn't even notice it! Not to fear I am back to my phone obsession! 

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL holiday and are settling nicely back into real life. Sucks doesn't it? I will be back tomorrow with a family visit/ New Years post! 

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  1. Looks like you both had a wonderful Christmas !

  2. We absolutely did Steve! We couldn't have asked for anything more, first Christmas in our new home, great friends, wonderful gifts.. everything was perfect!