Monday, January 27, 2014

Capris & Flip Flops in January!!

Listen before you all hate my because of the title know that we are already under a winter weather advisory for tomorrow and Wednesday! They are calling for really cold weather and quite a bit of snow for the south! So I assume today is Mother Natures way of making up for what shes about to pull!

I have been sleeping terribly but still making the biggest effort I can to get up in the morning and run. Yesterday and today especially because I knew that miserable weather was coming. Today however is absolutely EXCEPTIONAL! It is 65 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny as can be! I had to do some running around this afternoon and it is BEYOND gorgeous out!

So as much as I really wanted to blog today, in combination with the fact that I am basically on day two with 1-2 hours sleep a night and it is so gorgeous out and I want to take advantage of it before tomorrow hits I will be back tomorrow with something more interesting!

I hope you are all staying warm in the North... like I said we are getting it tomorrow, no fear!

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