Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wicked Weather and Other Happenings...

Happy Football Sunday Lovelies!!

I tell you it has been an interesting couple of days around these parts and let me tell you that hasn't been the case in awhile. As I mentioned before Jason and I started a pretty strict diet this week in hopes of returning to our preholiday weight (me more like my prior to coming home weight!). We have been keeping busy with that, lots and lots of lemon water, no carbs (I do a lot better with this than Jason, however until last night he had no cheated at all). We have been trying to keep busy as night as well because that is Jason's cheat time, he gets bored and snacks.. so there has been a lot of cribbage playing at night!

We are getting some good use out of the new Cribbage board! 

Yesterday was the hardest of the dieting days, we knew we were going to be stuck in the house all day because it was suppose to rain and even worse it was FOOTBALL! Football and beer go together, and if you're pushing it so does nachos and chicken wings! We had hummus and veggies with lemon water... pathetic!! All for a good cause though, right? Right. That's what I keep telling myself. 

Anyway yesterdays weather took an interesting turn of events. It was absolutely POURING all morning and Jason decided that he was going to run to Walmart anyways because we have a hole in our air mattress and the stuff we got to patch it the night before didn't work so he thought he would run out and get something else. I had heard talk to Tornado warnings further south but nothing for our area, so while Jason ran to Walmart I thought it would be a good time to call Mom and chat. Jason was only gone 10 minutes at most and the wind started to really pick up and the rain was coming down in buckets, I was sitting at the island looking out the back glass door thinking it was looking pretty bad out there. Then all the sudden out of no where I got a message on my cell phone that said Tornado warning in your area TAKE IMMEDIATE SHELTER!! and without warning the wind picked up so fast, I could hear things hitting the house but I couldn't see anything and I told my Mom how scared I was and the phone went dead!!! I was seriously terrified, we don't have basements here and in order to get into the crawl space you have to go outside which obviously wasn't an option! 

I got somewhat irrationally angry too, tornadoes in Raleigh?? SINCE WHEN??? Do we bring bad weather places because seriously we always seem to find crap like that to deal with no matter where we go. We were apart of the worst winter in years in NYC, constant earthquakes in Alaska that literally made your apartment sway like a tree in the wind! The most snow in one winter on record in Alaska, the coldest, rainiest summer in Alaska! Tornadoes in Raleigh.. WHAT GIVES MOTHER NATURE, WHAT GIVES!!! 

I started texting Jason telling him to COME HOME! He wrote me back and said there were trees down everywhere. I mean the excessive SCARY wind lasted probably tops two minutes but it literally caused havoc around the city, especially one street here. There were MASSIVE, OLD trees that were literally completely up rooted! The neighbors basketball hooped (which is weighted) blew over and then 30 feet down the road! Fences blew completely down! Over in Brier Creek where we use to live a whole housing complex that was only framed BLEW DOWN!! Check it out HERE, I'm serious!

Sadly I suck and really didn't get a lot of pictures. It stayed quite miserable here last night, we were under tornado watch until 6:00pm last night and today when we went out I didn't take my phone. I truly cannot believe the amount of damage done in such a short time. I was truly scared, and that doesn't often happen where weather is concerned. 

The neighbors whole patio set went flying, they just threw it back on their deck! They also have a tree out there with that edging stuff all around it and that stuff all went flying! 

There are a bunch of these massive branches in our backyard and a ton throughout the front and I don't even know where there are any trees like this around. 

It truly was just miserable! The poor neighbor behind us is elderly and I don't believe home (the ambulance came one night last week and took her and I haven't seen anyone there since) lost a ton of trees in her yard, big and small they literally split in two! Too bad we didn't need fire wood! 

After that mess we had a really quiet afternoon of football and home made Chicken and rice soup! I have posted my homemade chicken noodle soup recipe before and I made this basically the same way, but I added some diced mushrooms (I am going to get vegetables into Jason anyway I can), I used wild rice and in mine only sadly I added broccoli and let me tell you that was AWESOME! I had bought a big bag of frozen stuff, I would much prefer fresh but Jason hates the smell of it and truthfully unless I plan everyday what we are going to have I find things go bad before I use them. So I just defrosted a bowl full, took a very small amount of EVOO put the broccoli and some chopped garlic in the pan and sauteed it, chopped it up and put it in my soup! EXCELLENT!!

Eating healthy doesn't have to seem like punishment, sadly it doesn't include beer but if you experiment and try new things it can taste just as great! Its also dinner tonight as well!

So this morning was the beginning of couch to 5K as I feel really terrible about myself and the weight that I have gained and changing my eating alone isn't going to cut it. I lift with Jason but never feel as good afterwards as I do when I do cardio! I really like to run a lot and use to do it all the time, but in the moving and traveling (excuses, excuses) I haven't run in a long time and this morning felt pretty pathetic. I was anxious about going with Jason because he is so active all the time and whether he is judging me or not I always feel like he is. We both knew the odds of me keeping up with him was unlikely but I was fine with that, I was prepared to start from the beginning again and that's exactly what I did and I feel really good about it. I feel really good besides this beauty that 4 miles earned me...

Disgusting right? It hurts like a bitch too!

I really wanted to be around to post about National Kiss a Ginger Day! I did not make it here though, I swear I don't know what peoples obsession with redheads is! Kiss a Ginger, Kick a ginger... WE ARE PEOPLE TOO! I actually don't think we are all that rare either, maybe natural redheads but not in general! We also have souls, GASP.. crazy thought apparently! Our freckles are not from the souls of others we have stolen either! I swear where do people come up with this shit! 

Anyways I am currently missing the Panthers vs 49ers game and my laundry needs to be changed so I must go! I promise to be back tomorrow!! I hope you all enjoy whats left of your weekend!! 

Ps - Did you catch the Patriots fantastic performance last night?? In the bracket I am cheering for the Panthers today and Denver!


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  1. The soup looks delicious. We love chicken with rice soup. I also love your crib board.

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  5. Thanks Steve, the soup was EXCELLENT! Had to two nights in a row and just for lunch! I really think adding the broccoli made all the difference in the world! The Crib board really is amazing, Don does an incredible job!! I like to keep in touch with him to see what hes working on but it can be dangerous because I want to buy everything!