Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Knives are Sharp!

Lesson Learned.. when they say knives are sharp (whoever they are) believe them!

I woke up this morning to the continuous pounding as they are building a house behind us and one beside us! I honestly need to look into the rules of our HOA because I they pick and choose what time they start in the morning and never work past 3:00pm I swear!! Its not such a huge deal but I am not a morning person and who in their right mind wants to wake up to that shit?

Whats worse is they are using our backyard as their own personal pathway to go from one house to another and carry wood and crap... "Hey you.. DOES THAT LOOK LIKE A SIDEWALK??" I have a feeling they don't have a clue what I am saying half the time, most of them have extremely limited English. I will be extremely happy when the construction phase of the neighborhood is over!

Anyways with an early awakening and Jason gone to take the truck in for an oil change I curled up on the couch with a coffee for awhile before diving into breakfast smoothies! Jason and I have been on a really strict and much needed diet this week as the holidays did absolutely nothing for our waist lines! I probably care more about it then Jason does but he has been great about getting on the healthy eating band wagon!

After my shower I planned to peel and cut up vegetables for the rest of the week, get some lemon cut up for water for the day, do some organizing around the house as we were stuck here because there was some unexpected problems with the truck that lead it to be left at the garage all day. Jason got into the shower and I started at chopping and sadly that eventually included my fingers! I'm not exactly sure how I went wrong but my hand slipped and the knife dug DEEP into my two fingers on my left hand. I instantly grabbed paper towel and ran my hand under the water but the blood was coming out in massive amounts! I applied pressure and was getting no where so I thought maybe I should get Jason's expertise! I ran up stairs praying I didn't bleed all over the carpet and flew in the bathroom door with a blood soaked paper towel, haha I can only imagine what Jason was thinking! I explained what happened and then I started to sweat! Weird right? I have never had an issue with blood before, having said that I am not exactly sure I have ever seen that much of my own blood! I then started to feel nauseous! Haha the story is getting good isn't it?

Poor Jason is in a towel running around in a bit of a panic. I sat on the floor with my head between my legs and my hand in the air while Jason frantically searched for the first aid kid we don't have! We are awesome aren't we? We both know that one exists but in all our traveling and moving one only knows where it might be, we decided it was in the truck, that was at the garage and basically that I better not need stitches because if so we were going on foot!

Eventually, quite awhile later and quite a few paper towel the bleeding stopped and I got some bandaids around my fingers. Its the weirdest thing, since it happened it doesn't sting or anything considering how deep I cut both fingers, it actually hurts! Its been throbbing and aching since I did it and its not seeming to let up. I figure I don't need stitches because the bleeding stopped, right? Honestly I refuse to get stitches anyways, I don't do needles, let alone sewing my skin... FORGET THAT!

So my afternoon kind of took an different turn! I planned to get here and talk about my days with Millie but that didn't happen.. my fingers hurt and thats a long post so I decided against it. Not to mention is felt like -54 in here all day and so Jason and I curled up on the couch under a blanket and he napped while I watched Dual Survival. Exciting bunch aren't we?

Anyways I thought I would stop in and tell my tale, I will save you the pictures of my war wounds mostly because once the sweating started I stopped looking at them! Jason fixed me up though and did not take pictures (clearly he is not a blogger haha).

I hope you are all staying warm, I am going to dive into some tea and a good book before hitting the sack early. I really slacked today so I think rising early and getting back on track is in order!!

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