Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Southern Winter Wonderland!

Never thought you would see all those words together in one sentence now did ya? I cant say I was looking forward to the mess that I knew was coming our way but oh how much feelings have changed!

So we'll touch on the fact that I haven't been around much this week and truth be told I just didn't feel like it, so I didn't. My week has pretty much looked like this thus far...

Fantastic winter tights for cold days!

Pretty winter to-go cups for cold mornings when you need to be out the door!

Amazing home made spaghetti sauce for my zucchini lasagna! The key really is super fresh basil and lots of vegetables! 

Home made zucchini lasagna!

Beautiful southern sunsets that were literally the calm before the storm!

As you know winter in the South is far from winter in the North.. and that is part of the reason we live here. I absolutely despise winter! I hate the cold and 5-6 months of bundling up and shoveling and all that jazz. We had a very little bit of snow a week ago and honestly I wasn't thrilled by any means. The thought of having snow just made me miserable, having said that I would take the snow over the cold! 

We've been aware for quite some time that snow was going to hit us this week and as the days passed panic set in and the amounts expected seemed to rise. I honestly cant help but laugh at the hysteria that takes place over a LITTLE BIT of snow! Knowing the snow would come yesterday Monday was a big deal! They cancelled schools for Tuesday and gave delays for Wednesday (before the snow even came). They asked people not to go to work yesterday and specifically addressed Northern transplants to NOT DRIVE. They made a point of saying they understand that we may not understand the concern as we would have most likely experienced much worse winters at home but it is very different here. They had the road maintenance people come on TV and plead with people to stay off the roads as their job of plowing was dangerous enough, they didn't need to worry about cars all around them. HA! 

Everything was basically closed yesterday, they said on the news it was going to be hard to get milk and bottled water (I mean really?), they said it was possible to get a shovel and truthfully I probably should have but I figured I wasn't about the run all over town looking for a store that actually stayed open to get a shovel. 

At about 5:00pm I went outside to get the mail and the air was cool and crisp and the smell of snow was in the air and then and there I just knew I was going to love this storm. I don't know what it is about the smell of snow in the air but it was wonderful! I went out multiple times last night just to smell it, I so thoroughly enjoyed watching the snow fall! At 11:00pm I was outside just staring at the peacefulness of the whole thing.. a fresh white blanket of beautiful untouched snow everywhere, the smell in the air.. jack frost nipping at my nose! It all sounds corny but and yes I hate snow but I've never had it in such moderation before. Having one good snow fall a year is fantastic! I will be fine if it doesn't snow again all year! 

This is what is looked like last night before I went to bed...

So pretty!!

My night was so relaxing watching the snow, watching the fire and receiving such incredibly thoughtful gifts! I was sitting on the couch last night watching TV when the doorbell rang... I went to the door and there was a big parcel sitting on the doorstep... I love parcels! Check out my view for the night and the contents of my parcel...

My Mom sent me the most thoughtful parcel. Its been a really long week (yes I know its Wednesday) and I haven't been sleeping at all! These bouts of insomnia take a toll and so my Mom sent this amazing parcel and I couldn't be more grateful! I opened it up and cried when I saw all the wonderful things inside as it really was such a nice and thoughtful gesture. Near or far I can always count on my Mom to be exactly that, my Mom. She always takes care of me, even as an adult, she always does for me an any way she can to make me feel better or put a smile on my face. I am SO extremely lucky! Thank you again Mom I am so grateful for the parcel, the stress relieving body lotion is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I smell amazing! HA!

I was excited to go outside this morning and enjoy the snow, crazy I know! I realized right away I really should have gone and bought a shovel because there is a decent layer of ice under all that snow. The snow is heavier then I expected and truthfully although it is not a lot by northern standard its is quite a bit for here. 

I bundled up in my hat and winter jacket, hunter boots and headed out! That wonderful smell was in the air still and it was nice to be out there in the cooler weather! I took swept off the stairs, cleaned off the truck and walked around the yard taking pictures! Have a gander!

See we got a little bit! I really enjoyed being out there this morning in the snow, cleaning it up and walking around! Made me miss home a little truth be told! But then again I have to deal with it once a year if that and at home they have been dealing with the most horrific cold! I definitely don't miss that! 

I hope all of you in the North are staying warm, I am off to enjoy the outdoors a little more today! 

Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. Love the tights! And the lasagna looks AMAZING!! And I know you're in the south, but you must remember what it's like here! It's been brutally cold and windy for about two weeks. Can hardly stand it. I detest Winter too. What a great Mom you have! Care packages are great....hope you're feeling better and can get some sleep.

  2. Fantastic care pack from your Mom. Can you even buy snow tires down there ?

  3. Thanks Cathy, I love the tights too! They feel like silk or something.. they are fantastic! The lasagna was amazing, I should have froze some because I got burnt out! I have another fabulous recipe to talk about tomorrow! Care packages are great, my Mom is awesome!
    Steve, I don't know to be honest! I know that people use chains on their tires here though! We really didn't even get that much but schools were closed all week and they were suppose to have a make up day Saturday and they cancelled that too. Crazy to a Northerner but they really honestly are not prepared/equipped for accumulative snow here at all!