Monday, January 20, 2014

Blogger Bust!

Well Ladies & Gents let me tell you this... Blogger has been screwing me and that test post that I did was irrelevant because it worked and I got SUPER excited and then I went and copied the post that I had originally tried that didn't work and it wouldn't work again. I don't know what is going on, I'm not sure if it is the pictures or what the deal is.

The other night I typed out a whole post and added in all the pictures and when I went to post it I got an error message telling me of broken links in the HTML.. well let me tell you this, I am not at all technically savvy what so ever and so I turned to Google. Google explained kind of what the problem might be and I took my interpretation to the link and tried to fix what looked to be broken. It didn't work. In sheer panic I contacted Aubrey who designed my Blog over at The Kinch Life Designs, I told her the error I was getting, I copied and pasted the HTML presented to me because the more I looked at it I was worried that if I continued to play around having no idea what I was doing that I may in fact screw her coding and therefore my blog! Aubrey was wonderful and got back to me right away and said it was something plaguing blogger and she felt bad I was affected by it but she said if I continued to repeatedly dismiss the error and hit publish it would go away. As much as I appreciated that, it didn't work!

I was so upset and went into a downward spiral! I started looking into the difference between Blogger and Wordpress and potentially switching my blog over to Wordpress which would change nothing for you as readers but a lot for me as the writer. New format and tools to get use to, I would have to pay quite a bit of money to have someone transfer my content and design and then I would have to buy my domain which would absolutely be beneficial to me in the long run.... but I haven't done enough research to make a decision just yet. Mostly its quite costly, but I have had this blog for years and have almost 400 posts that at anytime Blogger can delete because sadly while using Blogger I basically have no rights to my content. I have done some consulting with Lisette who is WONDERFUL as well over at Northern Belle Diaries  and she can do the transfer for me. So I just need to make up my mind. But I will tell you one thing after this post if it wont let me post the one I have been fighting with it will be decision making time!

So basically that's why I haven't been around, because every time I would try and post it just wouldn't let me, or it would type up a whole post and then when I would go to publish it, it wouldn't let me publish or save it. You can imagine the frustration.

In the meantime there is a few other things that have been going on that I might as well fill you in on while I am here! We got ANOTHER new bed.. no I am not kidding. Let me recap for a minute for you. So we closed on the house and that night got a brand new FANTASTIC Simmons bed! We were here for basically 2 days before going back out to Saskatchewan to finish the job and then come home! We weren't home even a month when the Kirby vacuum sales morons came in and ripped our brand new bed during a demonstrating and sucked out most of the pillow top... nightmare! Anyways remember it turned into exactly that, a big freakin' nightmare! Anyways eventually they replaced the bed and we absolutely felt like it was not nearly as comfortable but in the 6 weeks we have had it we noticed it was only getting worse. The bed was actually getting big indentations in it and Jason was having a hard time sleeping, so we went back to Mattress Firm where we bought it! Basically it had been less then 100 days and they have a happiness guarantee, so we sent them pictures of the bed, they deemed it defective. We did a lot of chatting with the sales associate who eventually told us that they actually have a lot of problems with that particular bed, a lot of warranty claims and such. Long story short we went with a completely different bed, got it on Saturday and I like it. Of course it needs some breaking it but I really have no complaints. I just hope this is the last bed for awhile!

We are still dieting and exercising everyday! I honestly don't miss all the crappy food as much as I thought I would, I missed having beers yesterday while watching football or a glass of wine with dinner. I'm getting a wee bit tired of salads but we eat so much of it because its basically one of the only healthy things that Jason likes. Running is slow going having this chest cold, my breathing is all off and I seem to be getting cramps a lot easier! I am trying to just pace myself and tell myself that even if I don't get as far as I would like to at least I am still getting out there and trying! I stopped the cold medicine, or rather basically was forgetting to take it so I am doubling up for the next couple of days.

Its 60F degrees here today which is amazing and it was a beautiful morning to go out for a run, but tonight the temperature is going to drop SIGNIFICANTLY and therefore the next couple of days while it is cold we will not be going running. The other morning it was somewhat chilly and I found it was even harder to breathe, my ears ached tremendously, it was just bad. So yesterday although somewhat warm I wore a hat and gloves haha, you cant really be over dressed!

What else.. Oh! The neighbors dogs across the street are driving me batty! Honestly I feel bad for them, they are two MASSIVE some kind of dogs and by the looks of it they never ever go inside which makes me sad, but you know what makes me more sad? When they bark ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! Honestly we live a good distance from them and I hear them clear as day, I cant imagine the people who live right next door don't have an issue with this! I noticed it when we first moved in but didn't know where they lived and then continued to wonder what the deal was when I would hear them all day and night. I don't care about the day time but when they bark all night and keep me up that makes me cranky. So I plan to do some calling about that this afternoon, because honestly they are barking for a reason... they have to be to go one for that long, and as much as I want to complain because the barking is maddening I also think they deserve to be treated better.

On another front I got rid of my Facebook account yesterday.... go ahead, I can hear the gasps now! Truthfully its been a long time coming! I stopped posting pictures and stuff a long time ago and honestly have felt for a long time that there are only a handful of people I actually enjoying seeing their posts. I felt like the account wasn't really mine anymore, instead more about obligatory "friends". I could have deleted half of my friends list (as bad as that sounds) feeling no remorse but not without consequences and I no longer felt like that was fair. Facebook became more drama to me then it was worth, so I did away with it.

If you know me at all you know that beyond my control stress consumes me often, things that may seem extremely ridiculous and irrelevant to others will eat at me and there seems to be nothing I can do about it. I found myself signing on to Facebook and seeing things and reading things that irritated me beyond belief and so although there is a handful of people I will miss seeing their posts this is what is best for me right now. Luckily I have other social media outlets that allow other people to follow me and I understand if I miss out on things if others don't share the other social media I follow.

So really that's what is going on here!! I have some blog work to do, I am getting good information to help me make a decision about what to do. I have some post planned but have been nervous to attempt it and hit a brick wall.. because I might flip my lid!

I hope you are all having a great week, stay tuned... hopefully I will be back with someone more interesting and pictures!! Haha don't get your hopes up just yet!

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  1. Hope you get this blog issue settled...I go through withdrawal when you don't post in awhile! :) Be thankful for NC. It's minus stupid here with brutal wind chills.

  2. Thanks Cathy, I am really not sure what I am going to do! I am going to try a whole new post right now with pictures and see where I get. I was having a bit of a panic attack when nothing at all was working and I just couldn't post at all.
    I am very thankful for NC... except for today when we are getting another Polar Vortex of sorts and in the next couple of hours we can expect a MAJOR drop in temperature and apparently tonight some snow. MISERABLE! Should be interest the next two days because as you know the South is not accustom to winter weather! Hope you're staying warm! XO