Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January Birch Box!

Hello Hello from the soon to be winter wonderland!

Yes you read that right, apparently we are in for another polar vortex this afternoon and we are expected to experience major drops in temperature and apparently snow! What is going on?? WE DON'T GET SNOW IN THE SOUTH!!! I don't know if it will actually happen as this is not the first time they have called for it and it hasn't happened but I would say the chances are decent!

Anyways I am attempting to blog with pictures again, so I hope this goes well or I may just have an epic meltdown!

Last week I received my January Birch Box and let me tell you I couldn't have been more excited for it!! This really is the best gift because it is essentially the gift that keeps giving! Every month I get a box full of goods! This month I was thrilled with the contents of the box and really shocked at the variety compared to last month!

Check it out...

Now this month was a little different, when I first received the Birch Box Tanya who gifted me the box was the one who selected the items that she thought I would like to receive, after receiving that box I got an email from Birch Box asking me what I would like to receive! 

I love that everything is packaged so nicely, it really is like opening a little present!

This little booklet was full of wonderful motivators for the new year! It had a bunch of things like.. How to keep happy in the new year, losing weight in the new year, staying motivated in the new year.. you get the point!

This I am extremely excited for! I love to try different products and shampoo is not something that I generally go out on a ledge and try to many different ones especially in the last couple of months when I have been having so many problems with dry scalp (thanks winter!). I will definitely let you know what I think about this!

Liz Earle? You ever heard of her?

Face wash and a special face cloth! Awesome! 

This may just be my favorite thing in this months box! Its an Under Armour headband for running! I have been using this baby every day and I love it! Inside it has a nonslip adhesive liner that prevents it from moving on your head when you are running! Its fantastic!

More cute little packaging!

Who doesn't love perfume, but lets be honest here perfume is expensive to buy! So its really nice to be able to try a different kind and more then once to make sure you really love it before forking out a big chunk of change! This smells EXCELLENT!

Eye shadow palette...

In colors that match my skin tone? SWEET! 

Sadly I took a picture of the print out that tells you how much all these babies would cost if you were to buy them in regular size at the store but for some unknown reason every time I try to post the picture it turns it upside down and wont let me turn it around. Truth be told I have zero patience to deal with it, especially when I don't know if this post is even going to work! So here it is.. upside down!

I swear, more and more blogger is getting under my skin and a change may be in the near future! 

So friends that is the January Birch Box and I am beyond thrilled with it!

We are on week three of the extreme clean eating and let me tell you today is the first day I am feeling really over it! I want a cheeseburger (I don't even eat cheese burgers), It took everything I had no to stand in line at McDonald's today while in Walmart... I just want to stuff my face with CRAP! I know.. horrific. Having said that I have not done that and will not. This polar vortex, winter crap is making it worse though! Winter and the cold makes you want to eat warm hearty foods and all we have around here is FLIPPIN' SALAD! I'm so over salad at the moment! 

With the cold tomorrow I will definitely be around, no chance I am leaving the house I can tell you that much!

I am thinking of getting in the spirit of Superbowl (even though the Patriots are not in it and I hope the Seahawks lose because of that ridiculous rant by Sherman.. did you all see that? Pathetic!) and posting some good recipe ideas! 

Hope you have a wonderful night, STAY WARM! XO

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