Friday, December 20, 2013

The Best Turkey... Burger!

Greetings all from an extremely warm Raleigh!

This weekend we are suppose to see 90 degrees, the warmest its been this time of year for 126 years! Don't get me wrong we tend to be places when they set weather records and this is one I couldn't be happier to be apart of! I am a huge fan of the warm weather and although I can't get over how easily the weather fluctuates and the extremes I am absolutely not complaining. Yesterday morning we had frost and today its suppose to get up to 77 degrees! Crazy! Obviously we will not be having a white Christmas.. kind of sad, but kind of not!

I didn't make it around here Wednesday, truth be told I was just too tired! Wednesday afternoon the Seavey's arrived, I tell ya a week of not seeing the baby it is amazing how much she has changed! We had some good bonding time and then headed to the most amazing dinner! We headed to the Tribeca Tavern which we were so convinced someone had been to before, but it turns out none of us had. The atmosphere was really great, the hostess and waitress were super friendly and welcoming! We ordered fried pickles and nachos as appetizers and everything was amazing!! We had a really hard time deciding on what to have for dinner because everything on the menu sounded absolutely incredible! While looking through the menus we enjoyed a GREAT variety of beers and all finally decided on burgers! I naturally went with the turkey burger that was just INCREDIBLE, not at all dry.. beyond juicy and FULL of amazing flavor! Evan and Jason got the Wolfpack which was HUGE and Brianne went with a Bison burger! If you weren't sure they were enjoyed.. please see for yourself...


Amelia didn't know what to thing.. she sat and enjoyed her mashed potatoes and drink cup lid!

I'd say all the excitement of dinner wore her out because we weren't in the truck to head home 5 minutes and she was out like a light!

Too cute! Needless to say when we got home the little lady headed straight to bed! I would like to say we did the same but we stayed up for awhile, got in bed not too late and Jason still had me awake and was wondering around the house at 2:30am.. lord knows why but with little sleep I was up early for Brianne and I to head out and complete our Christmas shopping. I really honestly thought with the fact that it was a Thursday morning we would have good luck and not encounter the crazy hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.. no such luck! Thankfully we managed to finish quite quickly and get home before patience were lost. 

Jason and I have been to Walmart to pick up a few little things we may need for the holidays and will finish out grocery shopping tomorrow for Christmas dinner. While we were at Walmart the other day we came across this baby...


Yes Lindor is by far the BEST chocolate but isn't this a little excessive? Is there not an obesity epidemic in the States? Good lord, wonder why! In case you were wondering.. we did not buy it. 

Last night after the Seavey's left I made an AMAZING lasagna with sliced zucchini instead of noodles, its not the first time I made it but let me tell you the more I eat it the more I absolutely LOVE it! It is just so delicious and so good for you! 

We had a really low key night, we didn't even watch any Christmas movies and headed to bed at a decent time after enjoy this incredible sunset...

Tonight we are making pulled pork and just going to hang out. We went out and bought ELF the Christmas movie because I love it and it hasn't been on TV so I think we will watch that. Tomorrow we are heading out for our annual Christmas breakfast at IHop! I know its silly but I absolutely LOVE their Eggnog pancakes! Tomorrow evening we are going to Lights on the Neuse for a hayride and whatever other wonderful Christmas activities they have on the go! On the way home we will take our annual Christmas driving to check out people's Christmas lights! Christmas really is just around the corner. 

Sunday is football naturally and getting ready for our company to arrive Monday. Jason and Evan are going to a hockey game on Monday night and Brianne and I are going to hang out with Lady A at the house. Tuesday is Christmas Eve and some Christmas baking is definitely in order! I will try and post pictures and recipes! Wednesday is CHRISTMAS!!!! I am super excited, as I truthfully am most years! This year it is a little extra special because although we don't get to spend the holidays with my family my Dad, Aunt and Uncle will be here on the 27th!! We are soo thrilled, they haven't seen the house yet and we always welcome a visit from family as they are so greatly missed!

So that's how our holiday is shaping up, it is my intention to get here as much as possible but lets be honest my intentions are always good but how it pans out tends to be another story! We will see how it goes and how much time I have to sneak away and get on the computer. I may try tomorrow and Sunday to have a few blogs ready to just post when I get a minute! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day and stay warm.. unless you are in the south in which case try and stay cool!! 

Have an absolutely wonderful Friday and god help you if you have to go to the mall this weekend!! 

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  1. I want that lasagna recipe...the one made with zucchini! Sounds awesome. Unfortunately, my family will not like it, so I may make a small one for me!

  2. Merry Christmas Nicole. Keep these great blogs coming in 2014. Xo

  3. Cathy I will send you the recipe that I basically follow but truthfully it is basically exactly the same way you would make regular lasagna but substitute the noodles for thinly sliced zucchini!! It is absolutely excellent! I don't know that I would use ricotta cheese, I don't like it anyways but the vegetables are so juicy I'm not sure how that would affect the integrity of the cheese within, it might be great though!
    I'm sorry Steve, I didn't respond to this before! I hope you and Christina has a wonderful Christmas and I am excited for all the things this blog will hold in the New Year! Hopefully some tales of our wonderful new adventures!