Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Motivation Sucker!!!

The rain!! I'm talking about this cold rainy weather Raleigh has been privy too since Friday night! It's been really hard to want to go out and do things during the day when running from the house to the truck will ensure a quick unwanted shower! 

I'm not going to lie for the last couple of days Jason and I have hunkered down in the house and been extremely lazy! I'm not going to lie I feel like it's justified... Yes because of the weather but also because we rarely get this quality time together in mass doses and I never take it for granted! On a job we never see each other it seems, we'll we do but not in the same way and generally when were not on a job were traveling and visiting at other peoples homes!! I can't tell you how much I love our home and the quality time together it allows us! The joy it brings my heart is too big for words! I am do grateful for our time here!!

Our nights have pretty much looked like this...  

Hot chocolate and Christmas movies by the fire! Who could complain about that! 

It has finally stopped raining this afternoon after the monsoon that ensued this morning, so I am headed out to get some stocking stuffers before my hair appt at 3:15pm!

I'm super anxious about getting my hair cut! I always am and although I've been growing my hair out it is so long, heavy and dry I need a change! I've been trying to no avail to shake this dry scalp, nothing seems to be working and I have to much hair it really just takes so long to do anything with it if at all possible! Those of you who envy long thick curly hair, don't! I haven't been straightening it because of the rain, it will just curl and it's too heavy to curl with an iron it just pulls out! So today I'm looking for a change, some thinning and possibly a new style! I'm not looking to loose a ton of length!

Still no laptop which is a real pisser!! Christmas shopping is done though which is awesome besides a few things I hope to finish tonight! Plus waiting in deliveries! I will admit Our first Christmas in our new home has really put me in the Christmas spirit!! 

I must head out now to get a few things done before I head for my hair hacking appointment! Wish me luck!! I will report back tomorrow with good news hopefully!!

Have a wonderful day! Keep warm!!


  1. Hey, why do you hang a candy cane off the side of the mug ? Decoration or does the hot chocolate melt some of the candy ? I love the taste of candy canes, specially in ice cream. Good to hear your man is home for the holidays. Xo

  2. I have the candy came there for taste!! I had used the other half the night before and swirl it around so my hot chocolate turns into a mint hot chocolate!! It's excellent! Also I've come to love candy cane froyo! They are even crushing up candy cane at the froyo bar in the spirit of the season!!
    I'm so glad Jason is here to Steve! I'm not taking a moment of our time for granted because I know with his job it's not a given! His schedule has changed to allow him to be here for the holidays and I couldn't be more grateful!!

  3. That sounds tasty. I will try that for sure. Very glad for you both. Xo

  4. Thanks Steve! Let me know what you think!! :)

  5. Agreed! Definitely worth making a Christmas tradition! I say I buy them for the tree but secretly they are for my hot chocolate!