Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sometimes You Need to Laugh Until You Cry

The other night Jason and I were laying in bed at 1:00am watching Flashpoint and we just looked at each other and broke out laughing in the most hysterical laughter! Tears rolling down our faces and we just couldn't stop... For absolutely no reason at all! As I laid there laughing I couldn't help but think that was the very best medicine!! Sometimes you need to laugh like that for no reason, until tears stream down your face and your stomach hurts, with someone you love!

I know I've been a little mushy around these parts about Jason lately! Don't get me wrong all this time together were not use too I'm sure at times were driving each other nuts (however I'm quite quiet and very pleasant to be around) but how I love it all! 

We have been finishing up shopping and I'm waiting patiently (not really) for the laptop. Geek squad sends progress reports and apparently it's due to be delivered to the store tomorrow so hopefully at the latest we can get it Saturday! I swear lately I haven't felt like I've had much to say on the blog because truthfully were not that interesting right now, but the laptop disappears and I've got a million things to say.. Go figure!!

Last time I was here I said I was going to get my hair cut the next day... We'll let me tell you...IT SUCKED!!! First off, when I come to get my hair cut please by all means recommend products! I so greatly appreciate that but do not tell me what I need, have your coworker go and get it and put it in my hands, don't do that! Secondly, I greatly appreciate people telling me I have beautiful hair but please do not tell me what I can and can't do with it... Last time I checked it was still attached to MY head. You can probably see where this is going. I didn't get a good hair cut! 

I wanted to take off some hair and do a side swept bang. She only thought it was necessary to take off an inch, ok I get that but I want to take off more... Apparently we compromised at two inches? If you know me at all you know I have being biased around and so a stranger doing it was severely pissing me off! Long story short I got a crap haircut, shoved all her "recommended products" on a random shelf, paid and hot the hell out of there. I did not leave feeling like a million bucks and I hate my hair! Thank god for bobby pins!

Yesterday bad haircut and all we went to the mall to walk around and hit a few other stores before heading home for Jason to make pizza. He was really anxious to try his grandfathers dough recipe and see how the pizza turned out! Although I prefer veggies on my pizza it was very good!!

This morning we worked out in our home gym (which I have yet to share pictures of) after stepping on our new scale yesterday I was ready to sob and knew a daily work out was exactly what I needed! It's so hard getting back in the swing of things when you haven't been at the gym in awhile! I know I'll feel way better with a daily bought of exercise!

This afternoon we headed out on the hunt for a TV console for the living room. We've looked for one in the past and hadn't had much luck finding something we loved in our price range (which I thought was reasonable). We learned quickly we were way off point on price and decided to wait on it as we didn't feel it necessary to spend a fortune for something we wanted vs needed. Well it's been bothering Jason that it's the last piece (minus an accent chair) that we need for this room so we headed out again! We went to a few stores and ended up in front of the one we had fallen in love with months ago! We talked a lot about it and decided that we would bite the bullet and get it! We are super excited and without a laptop I can't share a picture but it will be delivered on the 23rd and then I will!!

After spending a nice chink of change we decided to get beers at our favorite pub on the other side of town! They brew their own beers and their chipotle barbecue wings are flippin' amazing!! So this is what our afternoon looked like!

I love afternoon beers and wings!! I also love getting home before traffic starts and the wind picks up making it even colder out!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NICE WEATHER?!?!? We are curled up watching North Woods Law, Jason loves this show and subsequently develops a thick down east Maine accent while watching it.. so it's not often! I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting Greys and Scandal tonight, sad that it is the fall finale because I am addicted to Scandal! I am looking forward to a quiet night!

Last night I took some melatonin and slept better then I have in ages!! I even slept through the builders working on the house next door this morning! That's a win in my book!

I am off to turn on the fire and grab my couch blanket, it really is cold out and Jason keeps the temperature in here on meat locker so all of that is needed! 

Have a great night!! 

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  1. Come visit your's flipping cold here! It would probably feel like summer to us if we were in N.C.! :)