Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas came early for THIS GIRL!

Good Morning lovelies!

Well its chilly in the south this morning, I came downstairs this morning to my lovely hubby drinking Tim Hortons coffee in the warmth! Usually he has this house colder then it is outside so I was very pleasantly surprised! I was anxious to get around here today and tell ya'll how Christmas came early to this girl yesterday!!

Our plans for yesterday took a little shift so we headed out in the morning and did some running around, grocery shopping, all that fun stuff and then came back for Jason to do some painting in the garage! While I was doing some things throughout the house he wiped down the walls and while that was drying we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood as it was GORGEOUS yesterday and we have not done so in quite some time! There are so many more houses up around the area, truthfully there are very few lots left, which is surprising seeings how KB HOMES SUCK SO BAD! Regardless it was great to get out and walk around and look at all the other back yards and how people have utilized small spaces.

When we got home and Jason got to painting I decided to park myself in the garage to supervise, and drink beer... I thought that was helpful, all in all I was keeping him company! Really I was looking for a good excuse (as if one is needed) to try the new beer I got at World Market the other day! I got Wood Chuck's Hard Cider the Limited Edition Winter! This beer is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, its not at all your typical cider and I am going out to get more today because of its limited release. Did I mention its 5%! Good stuff that beer!

Alright I am getting side tracked! Although this was EXCELLENT, this is not how Christmas came early! 

I was sitting out in the garage and Jason decided he wanted to run and get a Mega Millions ticket, it was something ridiculous like $535 million and truthfully I don't want to win that kind of money but none the less we decided to get a ticket. While I was sitting there waiting for him to get back and enjoying my cold beverage the mailman showed up.. again! We had already received packages earlier in the day so I was really surprised to see him. We exchanged pleasantries and I went out to get the packages he dropped off! 

Well ladies and gents.. CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY THIS YEAR!!! To my surprise one of those packages was a BIRCH BOX! Honestly I swoon over the idea of a Birch box and find myself extremely jealous when Kate at The Small Things Blog often talks about the monthly goodies she receives! I have seriously debated getting one and looked into the Canadian version as a gift, because lets be honest who doesn't want a monthly box full of surprise goodies? Having said all that, I didn't order it. I knew I hadn't ordered it and was extremely curious as to where this bad boy came from, naturally I did not hesitate to dig in!

I could not have been more surprised when I opened the box. This Birch Box was gifted to me by my WONDERFUL and oh so THOUGHTFUL friend Tanya over at Prairie Girl in the Big, Scary World! Let me just say I refer to Tanya's blog when I mention her strictly as a shout out, Tanya and I have been friends for quite some time, in real life! If I haven't said so before her husband Josh works with Jason and we often travel together on the same jobs! We were legit Bonnie & Clyde in NYC! Anyways I was so overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude, because although she is in a foreign country and not looking to have the most wonderful and traditional Christmas she thought of me. This really does not surprise me! Tanya is an amazing friend, when we are apart she ALWAYS makes the effort to keep in touch with letters and cards, Facebook messages and face-time dates... this seems to be a rare trait amongst friends, effort!

I could not be more thankful that she thought of me, knowing that I could not reciprocate for the actual holiday because of their location and the option of sending parcels. Jason and I gave it a lot of thought and knowing what its like to be away and have to bring gifts back, etc we thought we would wait until they were home and send them something we didn't have to worry about not getting to them or that they would potentially have to leave due to travel space, in their case... suitcases! 

This really is the best gift for me, I absolutely love to try new products, I feel like it couldn't have been anymore thoughtful and personal! There are so words to express just how much I appreciate this gift and the friendship it stems from! Thank you Tanya so much for always thinking of me and making our friendship a priority! I love you tons!

So.. ya'll want to see whats in the box? I know you do! 

This is a Birch Box!

It actually came in another box that looked like a present (which one would have thought I might have just put under the tree.. if they didn't know me at all!!)

When you open this beauty, this is what it looks like...


Now I will say that when you go on the Birch Box website you must make a selection as to what you would be interested in receiving samples of in your boxes! Also I MUST mention that before even opening the box you could smell this amazing aroma coming from the box, these products smell INCREDIBLE!

This month I received the following...

This gem is a leave in conditioner for your hair that also acts as a protector and detangler.. right up my alley! Plus is smells DIVINE!

Shimmer lotion! This may just help my legs look less ghostly on Sunday while I am rocking shorts in the 75 degree weather we are suppose to be having!


I was quite excited about another little surprise box within my surprise box!

Nail polish!

Citrus body spray! Heavenly!

This little card is also included within your Birch Box to inform you what is inside and how much it would cost you to purchase these items if you enjoy them! 

This really is the most fabulous gift, the gift that keeps on giving if you will! I can't wait to see what next months box will bring! 

So Christmas is a week away EXACTLY and I must say I am pretty excited! My last gift arrived today and I have one more thing to pick up and then I am good to go! It was so wonderful not to have to deal with the mall this holiday season and not feel so extremely overwhelmed by last minute shopping! Jason and I have been taking full advantage of the season and never pass up an opportunity to curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie. Last night around 9:00pm we decided to make sleepy time tea (were old) and popcorn and watch A Christmas Story (Jason's favorite Christmas movie). Today we are going out and buying Elf, because that's one of my favorite Christmas movies and it HAS NOT been on TV.... I know, let your shock be heard around the world.. what the hell!! 

The Seavey's will be up later on this afternoon and I believe we are going to head out for dinner! The kids headed back to Canada with Brianne's mother this morning so its just them and Millie G for the holidays! I am super excited to see her little face today! 

I hope you are all done your Christmas shopping and are really enjoying the Christmas season, and great friends! 

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  1. Glad you loved it darling! I miss you too and appreciate everything that you do for me too! I can't wait to get back to Maine to check out my Birchboxes!